When Your Transformers Need Their Own Room

When Your Transformers Need Their Own Room

There are collectors, and then there are real collectors. Like Kelvin.

Kelvin is what you’d consider a true Transformers fans. The Aussie collector has gathered more than 2500 collectibles from the franchise over his life, with a Transformer for each of the major moments in his life.

Ahead of the upcoming BumbleBee spin-off movie, Hasbro did a quick interview with Kelvin talking through the history of his collection. Unsurprisingly for a collection that large, Kelvin keeps the lot in a separate collection room. It helps minimise dust when people aren’t bringing it in, after all.

The Softimus Prime plushie gets a quick mention towards the end, but it’s worth calling out quickly if you haven’t seen before. It transforms as well with the help of some velcro, and it’s pretty bloody neat.

Good toy for a kid, that.


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