World Of Warcraft’s New Warfronts Aren’t Great, But The Loot Is Nice

World Of Warcraft’s New Warfronts Aren’t Great, But The Loot Is Nice

Introduced in last week’s update, Warfronts are a new feature in World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion. They’re large-scale battles reminiscent of the original Warcraft series’ real-time strategy battles. They’re only exciting for about an hour, but look at my new horse and armour. So good.

Warfronts—or should I say Warfront as there is currently only one in the game—are an interesting idea. Teams of 20 players enter a specially redesigned zone (the vast Arathi Highlands, in this case), capturing resource locations and harvesting them in order to bolster their forces.

The goal is to grow strong enough to take on the computer-controlled enemy commander. Defeat them, and the zone and its riches are your faction’s to harvest. Don’t worry, it only takes around a half hour, tops. Check it out.

I’m sharing Noone182‘s video of the event, because I currently don’t have a Horde character who meets the level 120 requirement for the instanced event, and this business is on a lengthy timer.

Here’s how the current Warfront, The Battle for Stormgarde, plays out. The Alliance side begins with control of the Arathi Highlands zone.

From their base in Stormgarde Keep, players embark on quests for equipment and war resources. Boss creatures are scattered about the zone, dropping powerful armour and weapons, as well as the odd toys, mounts and pets. There’s a world quest that involves players taking on a siege tank. All of this can be completed once per possession of the zone.

Meanwhile, the Horde side is kept busy participating in gathering quests, providing resources and crafting items for their war effort. It’s a region-wide event in which everyone eligible can participate.

Once enough resources are gathered—in this first instance it took five days—Horde players have seven days to queue up for the scenario seen in the video above, which rewards them a nice piece of equipment. After that seven days is up, the Horde gets control of the zone, and the Alliance starts gathering resources.

Given the timers and such, control of Arathi Highlands should change hands every two weeks. That’s a long time to do nothing, really. Farming the bosses and completing the handful of quests given out by the Alliance leader while in control of the zone took about two hours, maybe three.

There’s no reason to return when you’re done. And there’s really no reason to do the scenario more than once every couple of weeks. But there are plenty of reasons to do it all at least once.

Like level 340 to 370 (or more) armour and weapons. Both factions have their sets. The Alliance’s is white, blue and gold. Very tasteful. Between quests and boss mob drops, I’ve already gathered five pieces.

Considering how unlikely it is I’ll be doing mythic dungeons, this is likely some of the best gear I am going to get.

Have you met my little bird friend? His name is Ragepeep. He’s an owlbear, and I love him. He popped out of an egg after I killed a boss that looked a lot like him, only about ten times his size. Cute!

There’s a brazier on my head! This is what WoW calls a “toy.” Kids, don’t put braziers on your head.

What I am trying to say here is the new Warfront is a great way to get stuff. It’s also a great way to hear people shouting, “NO THE BOSSES DON’T RESET EVERY WEEK,” which is something many people in the zone are curious about. Get in there, get your stuff, and get out.

I was hoping for more than a quick battle and what’s essentially World of Warcraft’s version of a boss rush mode. But hey, easily obtainable gear is always a good thing. I’m on a horse.

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