Yeah, Venom Is Looking Alright

Sony has been careful not to show off too much of Tom Hardy's Venom actually being Venom. The latest trailer, fortunately, changes all that.

It's not particularly long — about thirty sex seconds long — but it shows Tom Hardy unleashing on a SWAT team, with some sweet effects as Venom gets hit by occasional grenades.

Venom hits Australian cinemas on October 4, which is precisely a week away. Should be fun.


    Nah.. there's something that's still not right

      The white spider logo?

        > It's not R18 rated?
        > There's no cameo scene where venom rips up a bar and gets into a fight with Wolverine for spilling his drink or destroying his motorcycle?
        > Venom isn't played by a BAME?

          >Good point
          >No thanks
          >OIC you're convinced that your entire world is becoming nazi death camps but for white men just because people want to change your media a bit. ok, cool.

    Thirty sex seconds.

      That's longer than normal seconds, right? Everything about that activity is always exaggerated

    Well everyone's got different tastes. It doesn't look great to me. Venom looks like he's made out of toothpaste and seriously, those are pretty high powered rifles. If they're not hurting him, then where's the drama? If the main character isn't at risk of being hurt then I find it pretty hard to be interested, because there's really zero stakes involved.

      If I remember Venom correctly the Symbiote can protect him, but he is vulnerable as a human. But the Symbiote also has sentience so it can essentially protect him forever, but is weak to sonic attacks? But yeah your pretty much spot on, if the main character can't be hurt its kinda like just watching to see what damage can be done.

        Fire and Sonic Projections (extremely high pitched sound waves) are the only 2 things (asides from magic and other Symbiotes) that can hurt/damage kill a Symbiote. Bullets, no matter the caliber do absolutely nothing to Eddie/ Venom and Cletus/Carnage.

        Also fun fact, the Symbiote in the comics also acts as ones clothes.

        Last edited 27/09/18 4:07 pm

      Toothpaste is a good way to put it. I think they made him too shiny, the reflections are too intense.

    Nope, still don't like it. They completely missed the semi-liquid, continuously swirling nature of the symbiote (which, in comparison Spider-Man 3 got better. Imagine how bad something must be when SM3 comes off as superior). This looks like a homemade botched attempt to make venom costume with vinyl and papier mache.

    The Wilhelm scream? Seriously? Enough it’s dead and it’s just annoying now

      The Wilhelm Scream never goes out of style.

    An movie filmed with an R rating that's been edited down to PG? Sign me up!


    It's not going to be a world changing movie, but I'm pumped to see more Venom on the big screen.

    I'm kind of interested to see it but the Marvel purist in me wants Sony to bomb and give the rights back.

    PG-13 venom movie. Sigh.

    Also, Venom looks ridiculous.

    My favourite comic character of all time :( At least he got a decent actor, I suppose.

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