You Can Experience Command & Conquer Rivals Now [Update]

Want to see what the future of the C&C franchise looks like? Then you can grab it on your phones, right now.

The game is available for download on Android phones in Australia right now, through Google's equivalent of their early access program. Update 1730 AEST: EA has just sent out a presser noting that it's now available for iOS users as well.

If you do decide to give EA's attempt at converting an RTS to the small screen (by way of microtransactions and RPG elements), and my prior preview hasn't warded you off, here's what you're in for. The tutorial will take you through the GDI side of the equation until you hit level 4, after which point you'll unlock NOD and the first handful of NOD units.

C&C Rivals Is A Reminder Why People Dislike Mobile Games

There was plenty of scepticism when EA announced that the C&C RTS franchise was getting a mobile revival this year, and understandably so. Free-to-play mobile games have to walk a fine line, one that balances fairness with the financial realities of development. Too often games veer on the wrong side of that divide, funnelling players through systems that either tacitly or openly encourage them to spend money to stay on the right side of the power curve.

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You'll still be level 1 by the time you finish the tutorial. You also won't be able to deploy more than one harvester in the early levels, and it's worth noting that the game isn't super smooth at this stage. Still it's free, even if your time isn't.


    You forgot the other half of the title, 'but why would you bother?'

    Went to try due to boredom. Wont run on rooted devices. Saved myself some time i guess?

    I'd rather install malware my phone

      In that case, may I recommend Command and Conquer: Rivals?

    Unless its a C&C game on PC with a full campaign/multiplayer suite I don't want to know about it. Another great series going down the drain due to the people creating the games not understanding what made the originals great and sticking to tried and true platforms

      I'd kill for a faithful port of C&C or Red Alert to mobile. Screw the micro transaction BS and progress gating. Just take the original game and tweak it a little so it works well with touch and put it on the phone. Charge a modest amount and I'd buy it. But I sure as hell won't pay $2 here and $1 there every second day on stupid micro transactions.

    As a massive fan of the series, I thought I'd give it at least a go...

    Instantly disappointed; games was buggy, no skill required and the PvP matchmaking I played was so geared for play to win, it wasn't even funny.

    Uninstalled, the final nail in the C&C franchise coffin. A damn shame.

    Let me save you the trouble: give me all your cash and I'll come and punch you in the face a few times. It'll be about as enjoyable and probably cost less.

    Can we just have three command & conquer movies?

    Fuck guys, just give us a Renegades reboot instead. You know it's what we all want.

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