10 More Minutes From Days Gone

Days Gone might not be coming out this year. If you're still hanging out for Bend's open-world zombie game, however, here's 16 minutes of fresh footage to savour.

The footage comes from Paris Games Week and French channel JVTV. There's a lot more direct fights against the zombie hordes, and more interactions with traps, weapons and widescale firefights.

The full video runs for around 16 minutes, although there's a chunk of panel discussion at the start and end. Still, it's good to see Days Gone in a more zombie-filled environment, as well as how some of the larger scale battles versus giant hordes actually pan out.

Days Gone is due to launch on February 22 next year on PS4.


    I really like horde shooters when they actually entail being overwhelmed by more than just inflated enemy stats, but I am really struggling to care. I think the motorbike segments are probably going to end up being the draw for me.

      The stamina bar (I assume the blue one) looks heaps forgiving, to the point where you seem to be able to outrun the threat... which isn't great for tension. The fear of being overwhelmed kinda seems dulled hey.

        I played the swarm mode at PAX. It's pretty well balanced. They run faster than you run, but short sprints you can use to get to cover/obstacles. But get it wrong, and that's it... Really tense.

          Oh, that’s more encouraging. Good to know. The gameplay really didn’t show that off here.

            There seemed to be a couple ahead of the pack, so spinning round and taking pot shots at the leaders was ok to get them off your back... but you go a lot slower backwards or aiming. So more than a quick potshot and run, and they're on you.

            It's possible to get far enough ahead that you break lock and catch a breather, but hard. And mostly, once they're on to your prescence, it's a fight. The other thing I liked is how quickly it goes from "I got this!" to "ohshitohshitthey'reeverywhere".

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