A Streamer Is Playing Through Dark Souls 2 While Wearing A Suit Of Armour

Dark Souls 2 is the perhaps the most controversial game in the Dark Souls franchise, but streamer m_d_c_t is braving the danger of the game by playing it in a suit of armour. It's fun.

I imagine that the thrill of beating a video game is probably doubled when you do it in a suit of armour. After all, this is a big metal outfit that was designed to keep someone from being slain with swords and lances. It definitely impacts your ability to move and see. This is, perhaps, why m_d_c_t becomes so animated after defeating the Sir Alonne boss:

In a victory speech unlike any other, m_d_c_t yells "I fuckin' did it! Nice! While wearing a suit of armour! Booya! Fuck! Special death animation! No hits, while wearing a suit of armour! Hyaaaaah!"

In a world of zany Twitch gimmicks, I enjoy the relative simplicity of simply playing a game, and playing it well, in a suit of armour. As you can see from previous videos, m_d_c_t also tends to do a fantastical Dark Souls voice, so if this is making you nod your head with some absolute enthusiasm, then this might be the streamed Dark Souls 2 run for you.


    Will never understand the hatred for dark souls 2. It’s an awesome game.
    Defeating Sir Allone without getting hit is pretty elite too!!

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