After Nintendo’s Lawsuit Win, Japan’s Unofficial Mario Kart Continues 

After Nintendo’s Lawsuit Win, Japan’s Unofficial Mario Kart Continues 

Late last month, a Tokyo District Court ordered MariCar, the unofficial real-life Mario Kart, to cease lending out Nintendo-themed cosplay and to cough up nearly $US90,000 ($126,367) in damages.

However, MariCar is continuing business as usual.

As Kotaku previously reported, Nintendo filed suit early last year for intellectual property violation.

The service is popular with visitors in Tokyo and Osaka but has caused problems, including incidents of tourists crashing the carts.

Livedoor News reports that now, even after a judge has ruled against MariCar, now known as MariMobility, the company is still running its service as it appeals the ruling and MariCar riders continue to wear Mario, Luigi, Bowser outfits.


  • “Here’s like 6 screens worth of untranslated japanese tweets in a row. God help you if you’re on your mobile.”
    Thanks, Brian.

    • The tweets aren’t even in context, nor are they necessary. The article at no point says “here are some tweets confirming it”, they are just stuck in there, and really redundant because the provided link to Livedoor News covers the story in sufficient detail (with a bit of help from Google Translate).

  • Way to cover something that I saw happening immediately the next day in the flesh like 2 weeks ago there 😛

  • Saw them on the street in Shibuya yesterday (the 17th). Annoying that the only result of this is that the image of foreigners breaking laws will continue, making it harder for the rest of us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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