Anime Theme Works Surprisingly Well With Star Citizen

It won't make Squadron 42 or the full game come out any sooner, but one of the recent Star Citizen trailers pairs surprisingly well with anime music.

YouTuber Lonely刀eko decided to give the Squadron 42 trailer from CitizenCon a bit of an anime makeover, layering the space opera over the theme from Aldnoah Zero.

It's a good fit, particularly given that Aldnoah Zero itself is a darker mecha anime where the humans (well, the ones on Earth) are badly outmatched.

The volume of the video below is a little low, so play it at 100%.

As for Aldnoah.Zero, it's a pretty decent. Richard enjoyed how it flipped the typical mecha anime tropes, and it's available with subs on Crunchyroll here.


    I always find Sawano Hiroyuki's use of German & other European languages in his songs fascinating.

      I too have noticed that Hiroyuki and other Japanese artists include English and other languages in their songs. I've always had a passing interest as to the why though.

        It's to add cool factor, from what I have been led to believe. Hence clothing and other items with English words of them. The Japanese equivalent of white girls in ugg booys with Cantonese lanuage tattoos that say chicken noodle soup.

    Pedantic: this was actually the ending theme for Aldnoah.Zero, not the intro.

    Sorry to be Pedantic but this is made up of about 7 different trailers, starting with the opening for Citizencon 2948, then bits from the gameplay demo(i think but it could be a 3.3 trailer), then the SQ42 trailer is 0:20-0:43, not sure what the Drake Catapillar making a jump is from but everything after that is the Drake Kraken commercial up until the last few seconds which is the 3.3 Mustang commercial

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