Anime Super Fan Spent $37,000 On His Favourite Character

Anime Super Fan Spent $37,000 On His Favourite Character

This is Rem from Re:Zero. Twitter user Onika_Rem0202 loves her and has decorated his room and wheels with the character.

To date, Onika_Rem0202 has spent ¥3 million ($37,377) on Rem-related goods. The live-sized Rem figure alone cost the equivalent of around $20,000.


  • And in the long run, it’d still be cheaper than if he spent that money on a live girlfriend, or spouse.

    I’d say 2D was driving the decrease in population growth in Japan, but there are some fine 3D figures of Rem in those photos.

    I guess thats something to add to the list of ‘Why theres never any cute guys available’ Because they prefer anime waifu.

    • Says you. Relationships are a shared hell. A crazy boyfriend might be very costly to any potential young lady.

  • Love the dedication! This guy must be doing really well…but he’s sacrificing a hell lot for this…wish him well.

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