Assassin's Creed Odyssey Is Stunning, No Matter The Platform

Whether you're playing on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or a souped up PC, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey has some wonderful technical touches regardless.

A breakdown of Odyssey's engine from Digital Foundry shows that most of the visuals, including the nice screen space reflections on water, god rays, and depth of field in cutscenes, are shared between the two consoles. There's even nice touches, like Ikaros casting a shadow from far, far away.

Odyssey uses dynamic resolution — as do most games in the current generation — and as you'd expect due to the hardware differential, the Xbox One X has a resolution advantage at differing points. At heavier loads, particularly the first fight of the game which has scores of NPCs battling away, the PS4 Pro dipped to a low of 1242p. The Xbox One X, meanwhile, hovered at 1656p.

A major difference between the two consoles is the increased draw distance and improved streaming on the Xbox One X, with some nicer ambient occlusion on the Microsoft machine. Both consoles use largely the same assets, however, so it takes a lot of freeze framing to isolate the differences.

Performance is similar on both consoles: a locked 30fps experience that drops occasionally, potentially because of the CPU limitations in both consoles. The main kicker is some slight 1fps hitching when the camera pans.

But while the Xbox One X has a natural edge, the experience isn't materially different on either enhanced console. It's much the same situation we saw with Origins, which isn't a surprise given much of the base tech has carried over. Odyssey makes some small improvements here and there, but by and large Odyssey holds its own just fine regardless of the platform.


    Does this possibly explain why the game runs better than Origin does on PC? Using Ultra details on my 1070, I'm getting 60fps and never, ever lower than 56 in urban areas, even when heavily built up. Yet Origin, I'm always pushing 54-60 in the wild desert areas, then 40-45 in urban areas and it becomes *really* noticeable.

    I can't handle 30 fps anymore.

    Honestly i think it's bonkers that they don't include a 1080p 60fps option for people like me.

    Unless the XB1X / PS4PRO cpu is still too limiting?

      GTA V on Xbox One X is unplayable for me now that I've tasted 60fps on PC. I would rather play games on console but I really like the graphics and frame rate on PC. I sure don't want to wait 2 years to play Red Dead Redemption 2 though.

    To my eyes AssCreed has never looked smooth at 30fps. I don’t get that with other 30fps titles like HZD, Uncharted 4/TLL, TLoU et al.

    Hey Alex. Is Kotaku likely to do a Fist of the North Star review? For a series that has struggled to find an audience and has finally carved a niche, its a shame that high profile games with excessive amounts of micro transactions gets so much coverage. FOTNS is a complete game that gets one shot at making cash. If they stop releasing these games due to lack of sales, we’ll be back where we were two years ago reading stories on how they should release them all locally again.

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