Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Won’t Launch Until 2019

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Won’t Launch Until 2019

Battlefield V will launch on November 20 without its new battle royale or co-op modes, EA and DICE confirmed today. Instead, these highly-anticipated features, part of the game’s free Tides of War post-launch updates, will land somewhere between January and March, 2019.

While neither of these modes is technically “delayed,” since specific release dates hadn’t been announced, it’s a little surprising that they won’t come with the game at launch.

Battlefield V was already delayed a month from its original October 19 release date following feedback from closed alphas and trade show appearances.

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A trailer outlining details about the upcoming game from early September seemed to distinguish between the the game’s single-player, multiplayer, and battle royale modes, and its Tides of War “post-launch journey.”

While it never explicitly said the battle royale mode Firestorm would be in the game at launch, the way it was presented in the trailer certainly didn’t give the impression it was several months away. The Firestorm Ranger Set, a character outfit inspired by but not limited to the Firestorm mode, was also touted as one of the game’s pre-order bonuses.

It’s possible that Battlefield V’s Firestorm, which is being developed by Criterion Games, was never intended to launch alongside the rest of the game.

It’s also possible that EA had hoped to have Firestorm out before the end of the year but it simply wasn’t feasible to get all three pillars of the game – single-player, traditional multiplayer, and battle royale – all ready at the same time.

While updates to the game will begin within the first couple weeks of its release, Combined Arms, the game’s co-op story mode, is scheduled for sometime after January. Firestorm won’t be live until after March at the earliest.


  • This game is being sent out to die due to the marketing and management. Such a shame, battlefield games have been my favourites since the demo of 1942. I hope it reviews well and population retains, I will probably pick it up post-release.

  • This game is going to bomb so badly. I played the beta having loved BF1 and I’ve got no interest at all.

    Between the half finished launch. BF1 still being great, this year’s COD being the best in ages, Red Dead and alienating fans with political nonsense…. EA is going to eat a t*rd sandwich of their own making here.

    It’ll be interesting to see if EA learns some lessons from this (and the failure or Battlefront 2 last year) and makes changes going forwards.

    • BLOPS IIII is trash, I’m not sure where you’re getting it’s the best in ages from. The netcode renders the gameplay inconsistent and based more on luck than anything else. For aMP only game, no one should be putting up with a 20hz tick rate at the server. That’s terrible, especially when the beta was at 60hz.

      • “Reviews” would be the obvious answer to your stupid question.
        I don’t care about your personal bugbears (or COD generally); the critical consensus is fairly strong that this year’s version is better than COD has been for a while.

        • Well I got my idea of how bo4 plays by actually playing it and ferret is right, a fast paced multiplayer only game with a 20hz tick rate is an insult, most reviewers were oblivious to this even though a few minutes of play makes it glaringly obvious. Reviewers often don’t know shit.

        • The difference between critic reviews and actual player reviews is awfully polarizing though. Almost as if there were some kind of monetary incentive…

          The game is poorly optimized and sports a 20hz tickrate even in 5v5 multiplayer modes. How you can sit down and accept that as ‘the best COD in ages” is astonishing to say the least.

          • Don’t blame me though. I don’t play COD and I dont give a shit.

            If the reviews say it’s better than I’m going off those.

  • Fanboy here, or should I say fanoldman. I really liked the beta and direction they were heading. The absolute shitshow in any of the comments section of any youtube video on bf5 has been a sight to behold. I liked the attrition and some of the other game play mechanics that they were trying to bring in. I also enjoyed the maps they offered. This news is a little disappointing but from what they have leaked of the other multiplayer maps I think they look great. I will say the singleplayer component doesnt look too good. Very mixed comment i know but im still looking forward to it. bf1 has been great but im ready for a new bf. At least they seem to be trying to listen to their audience and not release stuff thats just not ready yet.Makes me wonder why didnt they just wait for a march next year release, i would have been patient. Either way,im looking forward to it.

    • I’m ready for a new battlefield to, but this seems very similar to BF1. Is there enough distinguishing features to make a difference?

    • ALL youtube comments sections are a shitshow. It doesn’t matter what the video is about. It’s like you have to pass a test which determines you are an absolute moron if you want to comment on YouTube.

    • Yeh, I liked the beta. BF1942 was probably the best BF, so I’m looking forward to BFV. Also been enjoying BF1.

      I’m against the majority it feels like, but I really couldn’t get into the modern era stuff BF2 through BF4. Jets annoying and all engagements massively long distance and full auto guns everywhere with massive mags. And they’re restricted between what makes fun gameplay vs realism.

      Due to this BF2142 was good, because could do modern gear but without realism getting in the way of gameplay. You could balance stuff better to. And no fucking jets.

      WW2 just had that level of technology where everything just that bit more shit, so works well for gameplay but has a decent variation.

      Always enjoyed the engineers bolt action rifle in 1942, 5 shots and no scope. Was a bit disappointed with BF1, that they felt need to give everything scopes and machine guns, ended feeling like WW2> in trenches. Hoping don’t push WW2 beyond its time period too much.

      Also hope they bring naval battles back.

  • The BR delay isn’t news, they already said the bf mode wouldn’t be available at launch when they announced the thing.
    The co-op delay though is concerning.

  • They should just push back to an early 2019 release date. You know, in the quieter summer months when everyone done with BLOPS IIII & RDD2.

    • Most I know who are rabid COD players were done with BLOPS IIII after about two weeks of putting up with the absolutely shithouse netcode.

        • Well even worse then, 13 days. And yep, I’m out too. 20hz on a multiplayer only game… That’s the same tick rate as quake 1, let that sink in.

  • I don’t play these games but it seems kinda dumb to me to release the game in November and then hold back the highly anticipated features until jan or March.
    Why not release the thing in its entire form when it’s finished? Radical idea, I know.

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