Beth Faces Down A Sexist Blob In This Exclusive Bravest Warriors Clip

Beth Faces Down A Sexist Blob In This Exclusive Bravest Warriors Clip

It’s a tale women know all too well. You’re chilling at a (cereal) bar, minding your own business, when some slime monster slides up and tries to hit on you. Luckily for Beth on Bravest Warriors, a gang of old ladies shows up to kick his arse.

Bravest Warriors is the story of four spacefaring teen heroes-for-hire who travel the cosmos saving aliens and fighting evil using the power of their emotions.

But saving the galaxy can get tiring — hence why Beth tries to wind down with a few bowls of cereal. Of course, this slime-covered broskie doesn’t know when to leave her alone.

In this exclusive clip for this week’s episode, Beth tries to ward off the creepazoid, only to be assisted by a gang of senior citizens.

Even if it’s tricky to handle something like a sexist goober fondling you at a bar, it’s great to have allies. Especially when they’re a kick-arse bunch of golden girls.

Bravest Warriors is now in its fourth season, and if you’re unfamiliar with the web short-turned-animated series from Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward, here’s a great refresher to get you caught up.

Even if this season’s a little uneven at times, it’s been great to see the heroes coming into their own.

Bravest Warriors is currently running on VRV in the US. Unfortunately the service is unavailable in Australia, but you can catch webisodes on the show’s YouTube channel.

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