Bowsette Is Now A Final Boss Battle

Bowsette Is Now A Final Boss Battle

We’re still doing Bowsette stuff? OK, here’s the end of New Super Mario Bros Wii, modified by StupidMarioBros1Fan to replace Bowser with a giant, fire-breathing Bowsette.

Overall it’s the same boss battle, but a number of changes have been made. The new model, a “heavily edited version of Peach’s model from Mario Party 9″, has a custom crown and shoulders, and all her animations were done by StupidMarioBros1Fan, “[using] Bowser’s original animations as a reference but this was 100% re-animated”.

She’s also got a voice, which was created by combining Peach clips from games like Mario Party 10, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They’ve all been slowed down, though, to make it deeper because he “felt like an ‘evil’ Peach would have a slightly deeper voice.”

If you want to try it out yourself, you can download it in the description here.


  • Still struggling to understand why this is news and the importance of it in the scheme of Nintendo things

    • Can’t understand why you had to make your comment.

      I think this is a bit awesome. Now for the next mario bros, It will become a thing. Looks legit now?

  • ^ Not a blog. It’s marketed as a news site. Also that’d be like 15 people sharing a journal.

    But I don’t get the Bowsette stuff. The appeal of it I mean. She doesn’t even look passingly decent as a potential addition or even as a fan creation. It’s just Peach with some Bowser cosplay bits. Not really clever.
    But some peeps dig the fever created when a bunch of people get onboard something silly created by internet zeitgeist. Often more than they enjoy the finished outcome.

    I guess what I’m saying is that Bowsette is basically Snakes on a Plane. And people are still enjoying being sheep.

    • No its described as a video game website and blog. Either way, as always, who cares? Dont click the article then… it’s very clear from the outset what they are showing. God forbid people enjoy something silly!

      • So it’s not okay to not enjoy something silly?
        It’s like how I LOVE the comedy stylings of Tim & Eric and most people I know find them silly and not at all funny.
        Bowsette sucks. That’s my opinon.

        • Of course you don’t have to like it, doesnt it mean everyone else are sheep or stupid for liking it cos you don’t.

          • I like it that we sorted this out using the vote buttons. You remian one of my favourite commentators to read. True story.

          • Oh really? Thanks! Yeah this has been the nicest disagreement I think I’ve ever had online, all good hey.

  • I’m not against Kotaku posting this stuff, what I still struggle to understand why this is a thing.
    Bowsette porn is trending on pornhub ffs.

    honestly, are people that depraved that this needs to be a thing?

    • The internet is allowing us to experiment with strength in numbers via the mass backing of notions formed online. It’s natural for these things to occur when niches become available.
      I like that Nintendo is self-aware enough of this, and doesn’t lose it’s identity by looking to conform in order to gain temorary acceptance.

      • so its perfectly natural for people to lust after what is essentially a cartoon depiction of a turtle with tits?

        No matter how eloquently you try to respond without responding, the entire notion is abhorrent.
        Transgender bestiality is not ‘niche’ – its just fucking wrong.

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