Community Review: Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Now that you've got your Ancient foot-fighting skills in order, let's have a chat about the latest Assassin's Creed.

Ubisoft's transition of the Assassin's Creed series from RPG-lite to a full RPG is more or less complete with Odyssey, and for the most part it seems to have gone down well. It's still very much a byproduct of its roots in some aspects — exploration mode, for instance, doesn't let go of the rails quite as much as I'd like — but for the most part, people seem happy.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Exploration Mode Could Have Gone Further

Beyond the difficulty settings and choice of characters, Assassin's Creed. Odyssey gives players two choices at the start of the game. You can either have the traditional questing experience, or you can try "Exploration Mode".

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Performance wise, the game holds up pretty well across both of the enhanced consoles. I've heard good things about its PC release as well, although I haven't been able to give that a whirl yet. (Although given that I'm in the middle of testing the RTX flagship cards, it'd be interesting to see how that goes. Ghost Recon: Wildlands's Ultra setting is still pretty brutal.)

I'll probably end up playing Odyssey once October calms down a little bit. I enjoyed my time with the first chunk of the game, and I've liked what I got to play of Origins. More of the same — at least mechanically — can often be just what you want.

How have you found Odyssey so far?


    Ask me again in six months when I'm done with it, maybe :p

    Getting off the island has led to much more fun being had, good times!

      ive also been taking my time sweet with it. Played for about 7 plus hours, just me collecting and stuffing around, before i left that first island. The screen opens up and says welcome to assassins creed odyssey. Made me laugh

      Loving it!!

    Bit excessive on the ads these days, 4+ pages of ads (on desktop monitor, 1440p) between the article and this comment section - I almost thought comments had been disabled like Gizmodo lol.

    No need to approve this comment - just thought "I've had enough of this" and wanted to let you know that the site has become almost unreadable lately for all the advertising.

      No, thanks for the reply. Having concrete feedback is hugely helpful, more than you'd think.

    So far in gameplay I've learned that my GTX 970 is now too old to be of any use :(

      My 970 was showing it's age with Origins. Struggled to hold 60fps with medium-ish settings.

      I have a 2080 now and although I can't comment on Origins' performance, I'm running Odyssey at a locked 80fps with the very occasional dip to the mid 70's, with all on Ultra except volumetric clouds and clutter. Volumetric Clouds and Clutter are absolute fps hogs in these games. I'm not even sure if it's CPU or GPU causing fps to tank as I am nowhere near 100% utilisation on either.

      that seems alarming

      what's your full PC spec? and what were you expecting? like full 60 FPS on high?

        Ryzen 2600K, only 8GB of RAM, GTX 970, game installed on a M2 NVME drive, under Windows 10 - so basically the Recommended specs.

        On default High settings (per Recommended) with AA disabled at 1080p the framerate was very unstable and hovering around 30 FPS with frequent dips and dropped frames. Very janky and basically unplayable. Game also looked like absolute arse. For reference, Geforce Experience wants to default everything to Low - I'm guessing Ubisoft listed the 'recommended' specs to play at 30 FPS but even then it's still too unstable to be enjoyable.

        Gave up and got it for my Xbox One X. Definitely not a game for older systems.

          thank you, that does sound disappointing

          I'll keep it in mind when i check it out next year

    I am enjoying this a lot. It’s giving me serious Witcher vibes in a lot of aspects, and I love the exploration mode. I’m also enjoying the combat more than I ever have on an AC game; I used to dramatically reload a save whenever I fell out of stealth to avoid a fight, and now I just get excited to Sparta Kick a dude off a cliff.

    Cons: a bit glitchy here and there (although nothing hideously game breaking), the map is almost terrifyingly big, Alexios’ voice actor is...not the best (not that I needed another excuse to play as Kassandra), and I wish you could map more than four melee abilities at a time, like to L2+face or similar a la Dragon Age Inquisition. There’s so many good skills that I’m never going to use because I don’t want to pass up on my favourite four.

    I really like a lot of the characters so far & prefer the setting to origins so far - I loved origins & Bayek but always had a soft spot for greek history/mythology/settings. Slight ‘mass effect/dragon age’ issue occasionally with character not saying what i meant/how i meant it?

    I’m not a fan of the the new skill tree (yet) and I dunno, the combat feels a bit ‘looser’ and not quite as impactful somehow?

    Biggest disappointment is that they’ve got rid of the predator bow which was my most favourite thing - yeah it was overpowered if you invested but who cares in an SP game? There is a predator shot to replace it but that needs adrenaline so you have to mix it up a bit (no bad thing i guess but boooooo!).

    As much as i liked the sea stuff in black flag, it feels very in your face already and i’m not that far in - hope it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome as the game is HUGE and mostly island based as opposed to the one big mass in origins so may hit 5 figures for ‘ships downed’ by the end.

    It’s hard to tell early doors about the grind - all i will say is there are a lot of skills and at one point per level it’s going to take a while to get there (let’s hope there’s a stone tablet equiv that showers you in extra!).

      Should have added that overall i’m really enjoying it - that all sounded pretty negative! I’d say everything is better in Odyssey except for the combat & skill tree (so far).

      Not sure if this will post, think i’m on the mod’s ‘naughty or nice’ list cos i’m new - meant to ask if anyone else is playing on xbox x (probably not!)? Had quite a few crashes when exiting the map screen (screen stays black with sound still on). Ubi support twitter said there were issues on Sat & it’s been better since but still happening...

      They got rid of the predator bow?! Noooooooo! That was my favourite thing from origins too! >sobs<

      Will be a while before I grab this I guess but hope the other skills (including the pred shot) make up for them taking away my new favourite toy.

    I'm not a fan after about 10 hours of play. The way the leveling system works doesn't make any sense to me as I never feel any stronger than I do when I first start. The progression feels artificially slow, to then realize I can buy a 'go fast' permanent XP boost. That's some scummy shit right there.

    The combat is below average. Maybe I was spoiled by Spiderman though. *shrugs shoulders

    It's a shame as I like the setting and usually enjoy AC games.

      Slow progression isn't a complaint I really understand because aside from recommended level ranges for zones and a handful of optional quests, very little in Odyssey is level gated. Main story quests always scale to your current level and if you play normally (doing some side quests and clearing camps here and there) your level keeps pace with the zones you're asked to visit. Even your ability points aren't exclusively tied to level, you can get them from tombs as well.

      I wouldn't worry about the fact the boost exists. Like in Origins, the pacing of the game wasn't compromised to push you to buy it, it's just there as an option if doing side objectives isn't something you're interested in.

    I’m on the fence about buying this, I’ve got enough Microsoft credit to purchase it but want to wait until World If Final Fantasy hits the Xbox store next month and see what the reviews say to work out if I buy that or assassins creed odyssey

    Really really surprised how much I'm loving this game. It feels like a brand new game rather than the re hashes the series has become.

      It sounds like you might not have played Origins? If not, Odyssey is quite similar to Origins, but both collectively are very different to previous titles in a really good way. The fact there's none of the typical assassin v templar bullshit is a refreshing change in both games, I was way tired of that nonsense.

        I haven't but I've heard the same, might go back for a look after I beat this one in a years time lol

    I really enjoyed Origins, but I'm liking Odyssey more, so far. I prefer the setting more than all that sand in Origins, and the story so far even seems better (12 hours in, starting Chapter 3). Plus it's just gorgeous. I stumbled across a statue of Poseidon last night, at the edge of an area some 20 levels what I was, and spent 30 min just mucking around on it taking pictures; so many good photo ops to prep!!

    I want to get it, but the micro transactions just put a bad taste in my mouth.
    Same reason I avoided the last one. Micro-transactions don't belong in AAA games

      If the base game isn't compromised, why shouldn't microtransactions be in single player games? They're just an option, you're not obliged or required to purchase anything.

        Call me old fashioned, but when I spend $60 on a game, I expect everything to be there.
        But, no you got a mountain of cosmetics, which aren't the worst.
        But then you have the boosters, to help skip the game, which almost every review has said "Makes the game better"
        Seems like predatory tactics to get you to part with cash.

        Was watching a live stream of it, first thing you're greeted with when launching a game is the store.
        If it was free to play, I'd get it...but AAA, full price and part of a franchise. It's just wrong.

        Only plus side for the shop, its not loot boxes. You know what you're getting.

          Everything is there, though. All the things that were intended to be part of the game are part of the game, no extra cost. That they offer extra things if you want them doesn't change that fact.

          At 33 hours in, I can say with complete certainty that any reviews saying the boosts make the game better are flat wrong. You don't need them, if you complete locations as you get sent to them you keep pace with the game just fine. The main quests always scale to your level and you can't outlevel anything because lower content always scales to your level minus two.

            Yeah I'm only about 15 hours in however I've never felt the need for boosts. I've seen reviews where people are trying to say that they are constantly under-leveled and made to feel like the boost is needed. This is wither a flat out lie or they are just trying to beat the game in as short of a time as possible. The way a lot of the side content works in tangent with the main game is really great and very little of it feels like "grinding".

              I think part of the problem is some people approach the game from a "do all the things" mentality. That works in some games where you 100% the game by clearing every location, but AC Origins and Odyssey aren't designed that way. Their design is to give you a ton of stuff you can do if you enjoy it, but you're not required to - there are no achievements or unique benefits to clearing every camp and fort in the world, for example. They put a lot of them in there so you can do them if you enjoy that, but the story won't send you to nearly as many as there actually are. If you really do want to "do all the things", then you have to expect that's going to be repetitive in a game designed to give you a lot of optional content to do.

              The other side is like you described, people who just do the main story quests and nothing else. If it sends them to a camp, they won't clear the camp while they're there (which gives a lot of XP) and then get a little outpaced by the late game. Bee-lining the main quest line doesn't really work in any level-based game though so it's odd that people would find it confusing that it doesn't work here.

                This is something that I've had to actively train myself out of. I used to 'do all the things' but I despised every open world game afterwards because of it.

                Now I actively ignore things unless I'm interested. I only enter the rooms I need to enter (old me would loot every room in the building). I don't even go near time trials or any kind of optional challenge unless I legitimately enjoy it.

                And I'm digging these games a lot more. I used to complain that they're time sinks but it was a lot to do with the way I'm playing them. Now I try to view them as a campaign that just happens to be wrapped in an open world and it's a lot better.

                This doesn't work for every game though. I still think that Metal Gear V is just designed to waste your time. But it's been great with Horizon Zero Dawn.

                  It’s a good point you make about the open worlds - I still play them as “if it’s in the game, it’s part of the game” so just another thing to tick off & it’s really made me end up resenting some games by the end, Origins being a good example as I did everything & it wasn’t even fun by the end...

                  I tend to think they should adopt a ‘less is more’ approach but then that just saves me from myself rather than catering for someone who maybe wants the additional 20 enemy camps to rout? Hmm, food for thought.

                  @optimusprimal It made a big difference to me. Before I was like "a new quest. I will do that" and now I'm like 'Eh. Do I WANT to do that?' and most of the time I just go and do whatever is fun.

                  And fun is what I'm gaming for. Honestly I am loving Horizon. It's so good.

        If I use cheat engine to give my self the same level of XP boost as you can purchase is that piracy or is that still player choice?

        Remember when cheats were a code you would type in and you could be sure that the rates hadn't been adjusted to try and get you to pay more money?

          You can cheat if you want, it's your choice.

          Rates haven't been changed to push you to buy boosts, neither in Origins nor in Odyssey. That's a persistent myth based on fear, not fact. You don't have to trust their word for it, you can take mine if you like - I've finished Origins and I've played a lot of Odyssey so far. No boosts, no need for them.

    Long lurker first time poster! I absolutely detest the new combat system, it's just awful. Origins was the same, it's a game breaking mess

    Enjoying it so far. I loved Origins and played the hell out of it, finding it a little bit more difficult to get into this one but it's still pretty fun. Love the environment and enjoying the storyline, and there's lots to do. I don't like the combat as much though.

    I'm about 20hrs in - level 22-ish - not rushing - no boosts tho i think i have a couple up my sleeve for pre-ordering. Having also played Origins I am enjoying the brighter colour palette and more dramatic verticality but there's something about the orchard blossom and hill top temples that isn't quite as "oh wow" as the vast deserts and majestic pyramids.
    I've read that the game is "better with the boost" and believe me I'm as daunted by the size of this game as everyone else but really I think I'm happy enough to trot and paddle around without too much of a desperate need to rush to the end - lets face it RDR2 is still nearly 3 weeks away...

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