Community Review: Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Community Review: Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

The latest Black Ops has had a much smoother launch than Call of Duty: WW2 last year. But is it any good?

That’s the topic for this week’s Community Review. There’s no doubt that, out of the gates at least, the move to has been infinitely easier for PC players. There’s been less hitching, server issues, and no nightmares with hub lobbies. There has been a weird bug with emotes, which reminds me a little of people who used to sit on the edge of Overwatch‘s Junkertown with an emote so they could hide.

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The lack of a campaign was considered a huge knock initially, although the success of Blackout has papered over any of that lingering resentment. It’s a faster paced take on battle royale, one that’s probably more akin to appeal to PUBG fans than Fortnite.

Heather and Paul walked through the game’s different modes, which you can see below.

What I’m liking so far is that the gameplay feels a little more classic COD – like the first two Black Ops games – without the obsessive focus on jetpacks and wall-running that you saw post-Advanced Warfare.

Zombies isn’t something I’ve ever traditionally been interested in, even in the mod servers people used to run for Call of Duty 4 at Sydney LANs. But the multiplayer seems good so far, and Blackout has a lot going for it.

But for everyone else, how have you found Black Ops 4? How do you find the multiplayer compared to previous years, and how do you like the specialists system?


  • The hit reg is awful. Heard it runs at something like 10-20hz. No doubt that -eventually- this will be improved, but if it follows the trend of other games it’ll probably be months yet.

    Lowest I’ve seen for a shooter, especially considering it’s just as poor in 10-player multiplayer matches. It’s kind of a deal-breaker, can’t help but feel I’d enjoy the game far more if it were more responsive.

    • Yeh the hitreg is a mess, its funny because i think they jacked up the server tick rate during the beta cos it was much smoother in the beta than it is now.

  • Honestly loving it.

    Completely killed my desire to play PUBG / Fortnite. Blackout slots in perfectly between these two games.

    I’m also torn whether I prefer playing it on PC or PS4 Pro.

  • I’m loving every second of it. Have played a few matches of Domination and Blackout. Was after a multiplayer only title after I thoroughly enjoyed WW2 multiplayer side of things. With so many AAA titles coming out, the lack of Single Player suits me fine!
    Also it looks amazing on a Xbox One X and 4K UHD TV

  • Only played a little bit of blackout over the weekend

    It has been pretty fun so far fast queue and loading I have been lucky and seemed to have been teamed up with more mature people so far cant speak for zombies or normal multiplayer rosters

    But unsure how long the novelty is going to last with bfv and red dead on the horizon

  • I think I like it, or maybe I keep playing to punish myself, like when someone keeps drinking or smoking to be destructive to themselves.

    Things I dont like: its less about skill or accuracy or interesting engagements but who can jump around corners or slide the fastest and who gets the first shot off (yeah I know there is a bit more to it that). It LOOKS and play stupidly.

    Like all COD, scorestreaks create an extremely unbalanced game. If you are average 1.00 or below, or on a team of average players, you really arent going to get too many scorestreaks, and those who can get them can constantly chain them, which helps their team constantly chain them. So the good keep getting better, and the weak keep getting worse. The good have all the fun, the weak dont. And there is no way to get better to get good unless you luck being on a good team. At least WW2 had requisitions.

    For an online game only there is a distinct lack of goodies. Just the same old gun attachments (not many) and perks, no vast range of customisations of options straight out of the box. No truly interesting weapons (most feels and look the same). Sure in terms of gameplay the three distinct game modes offer value, but it feels barebones, hell there isnt even any bounties or contracts or that type of thing..

    Sure WW2 made some mistakes but the headquarters and contracts and all that were far superior than anything in this game currently. Without them this game feels a few years out of date.

  • Loving it so far. It really feels like the old COD again.
    Really impressed with the almost instant respawn in Multiplayer, never out of the action long enough to be annoyed.
    Played a bit of Blackout and found it also had minimal wait times for matches which is nice.
    Never was a massive fan of Zombies after the first BLOPS (loved it in World at War), but played one round last night and had so much fun am willing to give it another crack.

  • First cod game for me in a while.

    Really enjoyed blackout so far when I thought it would be a bit gimmicky. Especially split screen with my son. Works quite well. Had a fist fight with a random which was fun.

    The standard multiplayer feels pretty good. Though the higher level players dominate with better guns and attachments. Sometimes you get completely smashed by missiles etc.

    Being an old school CS Source player I like the mode where you earn money to buy guns. Evens things out a bit more.

    Other than blackout I really don’t see where the extra effort afforded by no campaign actually went. Sure there is some technical wizardry going on in blackout, but really it’s just a big map with game restrictions. So honestly I think they should have had a campaign.

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