Community Review: Starlink Battle For Atlas

After Disney Infinity shut down early last year, the future of video games bringing toys to life seemed grim. But then E3 2017 rolled around, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas appeared.

So now that people have had a weekend spinning around as Starfox and co, let's talk Starlink.

First thing: the performance has been shored up nicely, which was my biggest concern coming out of Gamescom this year. Mikey also found several things to love about the game, including the game's vibrancy, well-built toys, and general exploration.

Seven Things I Love About Starlink So Far

Ubisoft’s toys-optional toys-to-life space opera arrives this week on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. While I’ve only had a couple of days to dive into the sci-fi adventure, I’ve already found several things to love about Starlink. Battle for Atlas.

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The more I see of Starlink, the more the game adopts a Freelancer for kids type of vibe. That was the general impression I got from my hands on, and from a playthrough Stephen and Paul did on stream.

The two biggest question marks hovering over Starlink for me was the price of entry, even if you're buying digitally. Physically, you're looking at $12, $19.95 and $49.95 extra packs for the other pilots, weapons and starships. The digital deluxe version will set you back almost $150 or you can get the base version, and then drop $6.65/$9.95/$24.95 for the digital add-ons.

The base digital version is already $120. That's a hell of a lot in 2018.

There is a ton of appeal in playing a gorgeous Freelancer-esque space opera on the go, although ultimately I'd love to see something like this on PC. And hopefully Ubi drops the price to something more reasonable, because the raw shooting/dodging/shield mechanics worked well. I'm still keen to know whether the missions remain interesting throughout, too.

So if you took the plunge, tell us! How's Starlink been so far? What do you think of the toys, if you took the plunge, and how has the gameplay fared?


    I am really torn on this but the price....
    I'll probably jump in if the digital starter pack ever goes on sale.

      Yeah, I'm gonna be putting it on my wishlist and just waiting.

    can someone explain to me what the deal is with this game? I just want to play it but there is all these different pricings and packs that come with the stuff and the things.... ?!?!

      The starter packs are just that, everything else is extra that you don't need to play or finish the game. You can, however, buy the weapons/vehicles/pilots cheaper digitally instead of physically through the online stores for each console, and the pilots do provide some neat bonuses when used.

      I've been playing on Switch, if only because of Starfox. I've been a fan of the series for a long time and I was surprised by how much they're involved in Starlink. It isn't just a cameo, so it's well worth a play for that alone. Beyond that, it's somewhat generic storytelling and solid combat/ship abilities. It definitely needs more variety going forward, if they do make a sequel or DLC, in terms of mission structure and objectives.

    I got the Digital Edition. It's expensive, but now that I'm in I'm having lots of fun. I'm really glad I took this over the physical edition. The extra ships and guns really add to the variety.

    The difficulty seems a little unbalanced. I had no problems with the first planet, but heading to the second I got caught in a trap and lost 4 ships to space pirates. Sure, they were level 4 and I was level 2, but I was surprised how quickly I got in trouble.

    Other than that, it's lots of fun zooming around and exploring.

    I'm really enjoying the game. Haven't put it down since picking it up on launch day.

    I've gone the physical route because of Starfox. I've picked up another ship and weapons pack which has added some variety to my arsenal but wasn't required to actually play the game.

    I really like the gameplay mechanic they've got and way you can upgrade buildings on planets to help you gain more resources etc.

    My friends & I made a first impressions & unboxing of the Switch version:

    Now played it a lot more & enjoy it, despite being another grindy Ubisoft sandbox game. The things you have to do to get 100% on a planet can be pretty annoying too but overall it isn't bad.

    It controls well, has an old school twin-stick arcade shooter feel & is fun to switch things on the fly in digital mode.

    Bought it for my 8 year old son. We have a Switch so go the physical version due to getting the AR wing etc. Just got the starter kit so far. I think the extra weapons and stuff are a little expensive at the present. that said, if my son gets as much fun out of the toys as he does the game then who cares right? The toys are very well made.

    He has only put the game down pretty much to go and play with the space ship. He absolutely loves it. And honestly, it's pretty much just a Star Fox game on the Switch. Fox is integrated completely with the story and game, it's fantastic.

    In terms of how it runs fine on the Switch. No frame rate issues yet. Colours look wonderful and the planets are fun to explore.

    The only issue I've had is you can get stuck wondering what to do next quite easily at the start until you get used to it all.

    As a FYI apparently over 80% of the physical version sold in the UK were Switch versions. Looks like adding Star Fox was a master stroke.

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