Controversial Streamer Suspended From Twitch, Barred From TwitchCon After ‘Harassment’

Controversial Streamer Suspended From Twitch, Barred From TwitchCon After ‘Harassment’

Last week, controversial Twitch streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen landed himself in hot water after attendees of official Runescape convention RuneFest alleged that he’d harassed women and gotten into a physical altercation with another streamer.

Now he says he’s been suspended from Twitch and forbidden from attending TwitchCon, but, he claims, this happened because of a different incident at the Runescape convention.

Larsen, whose Twitch URL now redirects to Twitch’s front page, posted about his suspension yesterday on Twitter.

“Due to past events that happened last week, I’ve been issued a 30-day ban on Twitch & I am NOT allowed to attend Twitchcon,” he said. “No words…”

He also said during his final stream before the suspension that apparently, Twitch was considering a permanent ban of his account, but that “someone at Twitch” had gone to bat for him. Kotaku reached out to Twitch about this and about the terms of Larsen’s suspension, but the company has a policy of not commenting on suspensions or bans.

In the wake of RuneFest, multiple women accused Larsen of making sexual comments towards them and, according to one account, continuing to do so even after being told to stop. One person posted a video in which Larsen appeared to grab a woman’s face in an attempt to kiss her.

A fellow streamer, Skiddler, said that his attempt to address these claims with Larsen escalated to the point of a full-on physical confrontation in which Larsen was the aggressor.

In response, Larsen agreed that a physical struggle had occurred, but claimed that Skiddler had gone after him—not the other way around. He also said harassment claims were “overblown,” that he has a “flirty” personality, and also that the woman Skiddler was sticking up for was wearing “a really, really, really revealing top,” which prompted him to comment on it.

“That’s life,” Larsen said at the time. “If I drove around in a Ferrari, then people would comment on the Ferrari. That’s just the way people are. And I apologise if the woman took offence.”

The incident led Runescape developer and RuneFest host Jagex to say that it would not be working with “the content creators concerned” in the future, and that “we will not be working with them, or inviting them to future events, going forward.” The company did not specifically name any names.

Oddly enough, Larsen says that female attendees’ harassment allegations and the fight with Skiddler were not the straws that broke the Twitch emote of a camel’s back. Instead, he claims the ban came about because of a comparatively innocuous clip from the same event, in which he is depicted shouting “Let’s make some drama, lads!” and following somebody in a crowd around on his knees.

“Last week at an event, there’s a clip of me, on my knees, following a streamer and being a bit immature,” Larsen said in a YouTube video explaining his Twitch suspension.

“I really am sorry. This was deemed as harassment, and there is no tolerance with harassment when it comes to Twitch. So I really am sorry to the streamer that was offended and anybody else that was offended.”


  • “That’s life,” Larsen said at the time. “If I drove around in a Ferrari, then people would comment on the Ferrari. That’s just the way people are. And I apologise if the woman took offence.”

    Oh no…… no stop…..

    • “and also that the woman Skiddler was sticking up for was wearing “a really, really, really revealing top,” which prompted him to comment on it.”

      It’s not like he raped her, as far as this very isolated instance is concerned, I get it.

      • Do you think you maybe misspoke? Because “it’s not like he raped her” is a really fucking dumb thing to say in response to sexual harassment.

        • I’m not even going to bother if you’re not going to adequately address my comment, I was saying in this very particular and isolated instance, being provoked into making a statement can’t really be made as villainous as you want it to be..

          It might seem incredulous to say “it’s not like he raped her”, but that’s the inflammatory defence you see everywhere, the whole “she was asking for it because of what she’s wearing”, but again, in this specific and isolated instance, just the scenario of making a remark, it’s not the same, it’s ridiculous to begin policing words, especially when he’s not in a position of power and abusing it which is a big problem in regards to sexual harassment, abusing that power.

          And now I’m bothering, I guess…

          • you know thats not a bad thing right?

            You should go look up what ‘rape apologist’ means, because it is absolutely a bad thing.

          • What part of your comment would you like to be adequately addressed? The part where you’re trying to diminish what the guy did wrong by drawing comparison to an unrelated but drastically more serious wrong (relative privation fallacy); or the part where you say that because she was wearing what he describes as a revealing top, that you understand why he’d compare that with getting looks for owning an expensive car (literally, comparing her body with an object)?

          • you mean using expriaces, like i dunno a judge would to judge….sound crazy to me… right?

          • I have no idea how what you said relates to anything I said. There aren’t any circumstances I can think of where experience justifies either a logical fallacy or sexual objectification.

      • Ive seen some people use retarded logic. You have hit the ceiling.

        “She was wearing revealing clothing, Therefore she deserves being sexually harassed”

        Id wonder if you’d hold the same opinion if it happened to your wife and/or daughter. Sleazy guy comes up to your wife and says “Nice tits love, Whip em out why don’t ya!” and you’ll just sit there right because according to you, Your wife deserves it for wearing a top that shows cleavage.

    • Jesus Christ. Dudes, if you have this mentality, be prepared a long haul of the beta life.
      He owned nothing about his crap behaviour. And excuses his own sexism with analogy. What a cunt.

  • This guy is a lost cause, has no awareness at all or understanding of why the stuff he says or does is inappropriate or harmful to others. In his eyes, he just innocently goes by and for some reason people just erupt around him.

    • becuase it not, if it affect them that why they need to seek help, becuase the wind can blow them over at any moment.

  • This dude just sounds whack regardless if his story is legit or shit. Twitch and Jagex are in the right, buffoonery and legal documents don’t mix. As for his digital gigolo status, I’m sure there’s plenty of Farmville and Mindcraft prisons out there. The real ones are occupied by famous black people, its a turf war thing if he opts for that last option.

  • Why are you guys reporting on this dude? He’s just a silly person filming himself doing annoying things. Stop giving him coverage.

  • “I’m sorry that I’m actually facing consequences for my deliberate, repeated, completely self-aware disgusting behaviour :(((((( please let me make money again!!!1”

    • …Someone else being a garbage human being doesn’t really change the fact that this dude is also a garbage human being. I don’t really see how this is relevant, but looking through your prior comments it’s very clear you’re willing to take any standpoint (however illiterate) to diminish a woman’s bodily autonomy and defend sexual assault, so I see why you’ve decided to bring it up anyway.

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