Dark Horse’s Upcoming Alien Comics Will Take Up The Story Of Ripley’s Daughter

Dark Horse’s Upcoming Alien Comics Will Take Up The Story Of Ripley’s Daughter

Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen, is back. Amanda occupies a strange, interesting little piece of the Alien canon. First mentioned in a cut scene from Aliens, Amanda was made the star of the original story of Alien: Isolation, the seminal 2014 video game that wove Ripley’s daughter into her mum’s xenomorph shenanigans.

Now, after that game’s cliffhanger ending, Amanda’s back. Recently, Dark Horse announced that Aliens: Resistance, a new four-part series written by Bryan Wood, with art by Robert Carey, colours by Dan Jackson, and lettering by Nate Piekos, will pick up with Amanda, telling a new chapter in her story.

It will, again, mirror her mum’s, as she gets roped into corporate conspiracies and a plot that ties into Dark Horse’s previous comic in the universe, Aliens: Resistance.

Here’s the plot summary:

Now, in Aliens: Resistance, Ripley is kept silent by Weyland-Yutani now that the xenomorph threat has been brought to light. But when Zula Hendricks, the Ex-Colonial Marine from Aliens: Defiance, arrives in need of Ripley’s help to expose a sinister bio-weapons program, the duo teams up to lead a resistance against an upgraded arsenal designed to keep the darkest atrocities secret!

Sounds pretty cool, honestly. Amanda, cast in the shadow of a mum she doesn’t know, is a fascinating character, and she deserves a more prominent place in the still-expanding canon than she’s gotten as of yet.

The first issue of Aliens: Resistance will hit January 2019, and check out the cover, drawn by Robert De La Torre, below.

ImageThe cover of Aliens: Resistance #1. (Illustration: Robert De La Torres)


  • Nice! Good to see they’re not going to let Amanda exist as a “video game entity, does not exist”. Isolation was the best thing done with the Aliens license since… Aliens.

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