Devil May Cry 5’s Ridiculous Bundle

Devil May Cry 5’s Ridiculous Bundle

Capcom doesn’t have just one pricey “Ultra Limited Edition” bundle for Devil May Cry 5. It has several, including this Dante themed once, which is 972,000 yen ($12,129) tax included. Is that all?

According to E-Capcom (via tipster Roy), the bundle comes with a copy of the game, interchangeable box art and a leather Dante jacket that is based on the one the game’s motion actor wore.

ImageCapcom” loading=”lazy” > Image: Capcom

There are also jacket bundles for Nero (priced at 810,000 yen or $10,107) and V (priced at 648,000 yen or $8086).

Close Up With A Life-Sized Nero From Devil May Cry 5

It’s time to have a closer look at Nero’s new design in the waxy flesh. Capcom rolled out a life-sized statue of the character’s Devil May Cry 5 iteration at its Tokyo Game Show booth.

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The Nero jacket can have a damaged sleeve – or not, depending on your wishes!

ImageCapcom” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Capcom
ImageCapcom” loading=”lazy” > Image: Capcom

These bundles have not been announced for outside Japan.


  • I’d like to say if I was rich I wouldn’t make stupid purchases like this but in all honesty I would because important reasons

    • If I win the MegaMillions jackpot I’ll buy you one as well, because that’s the only way I’m getting one.

  • Interesting. Reuben Langdon is listed as doing the VA for Dante in DMC5 (As he has been since DMC3), but that’s not him wearing the jacket. Not doing the mo cap for this one maybe?

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