Don't Bother Walking Across Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a big game, so big that you’re given a horse and giant boat to help you get across it. So it’s best to take Ubisoft’s advice and use them (and fast travel) to get around rather than trying to walk (and swim) your way across the map like this guy.

As he is prone to do when a new open world game hits, How Big is the Map? wanted to find out how big Odyssey’s map was by traversing it from one corner to the other. Where he could walk he’d walk, and where he had to cross the water he’d swim.

In all it took him 2:27:54 to get there. There isn’t much worth seeing at the end, but as with all odysseys in the ancient Greek world, it’s more about the journey than the destination.



      The amount of AC: Odyssey articles is pretty intense

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        your right but at least we get a break from wall to wall Spiderman.

      god forbid they have articles about the biggest release right now. I bet everyone in the office is playing it.

        Yeah that's fair. I'm pretty surprised that there was no mention of Fist of the North Star: LP though. When they stop localising them due to lack of interest, then we'll see more articles on them again.

        No no no, That couldn't possibly be the case. Clearly, Kotaku was paid off by Ubisoft to write all these articles. It's not possible at all that some of the writers actually like the game and want to write about it!

    My biggest complaint with the game is the fast travel system this time around. Not being able to fast travel to towns makes things so slow when handing in quests...

    I'm about 15 hours in and Honestly I don't even use the horse, I love running around the map is so beautiful.

      That's how I felt about The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Used fast travel a bare handful of times in those games.

      Its daft but I avoid the horse as I dislike the wailing and lamentation of the pedestrians as the steed ploughs through them like a bowling ball amongst so many skittles.

      I found the same in Horizon: Zero Dawn. It was so pretty, I happily walked everywhere.

      Me too.

      I have been trying to find if there are stats like in GTA about how far you have travelled on foot or swam etc

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