Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018

Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018
Image: Kotaku

It’s PAX time, and you know what that means: lots of games, and even more lines. If you’re planning on heading in this weekend, here’s a little guide to what’s on offer so you can decide ahead of times what games you’re going to commit to lining up for.

As always, PAX Australia comes smack bang in the middle of release time, meaning a lot of the biggest games on show are already out, while many others will be releasing pretty damn soon. Still, there should be at least one game on the floor that’ll strike your fancy. Here’s what everyone’s brought to PAX this year.


Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018Image: Kotaku

A big section of Sony’s booth is dedicated to the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, but if you want to play the demo make sure you join the right line: One is for the demo, while the other is for a photo op.

Sony also has a wall dedicated to Spider-Man demos, which is good for people who haven’t already played it, I guess?

PlayStation VR gets a big section again, though there aren’t too many playable units there. Still, with the novelty of VR having worn off a little, lines might almost be manageable. Almost.

There’s a small section set up for Dreams, but it doesn’t look like the game is actually playable, rather you’ll be walked through the concept.

A small stand of screens has Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice playable, but with only four screens there might be quite a wait for this one. Though if everyone else dies as much as I did, that probably won’t be too much of a problem.

There’s also a stand of four screens playing the Spyro remake, if that’s something you’re looking forward to.

Square Enix

Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018Image: Kotaku

Kingdom Hearts 3 is here! The demo is pretty meaty: You have the option of playing through a part of two levels: Toy Land, or Olympus. There’s quite a lot of screens set up for this demo, but expect a long line still.

The demo finishes based on objectives being completed, rather than a time limit, which can slow things down. Again make sure you’re in the right line – one of the lines is for a photo op.


Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018Image: Kotaku

Xbox has its indie darling Ori And The Will of the Wisps on demo this year, with around 10 screens playing the sequel.

You can also find Battlefield V playable here, with two screens per console suggesting a multiplayer or co-op demo, though I didn’t check it out myself.

The bulk of Xbox’s booth is dominated by a big PUBG set, which looks like it’s set up for tournament play.

Oh and if the regular Kingdom Hearts 3 booth is too busy – Xbox has a couple of screens set up that you might have a little more luck with.


Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018Image: Kotaku

Ubi’s main game for this event is The Division 2, which you can get your hands on with quite a few demos set up.

They also have Assassin’s Creed Odyssey set up to play – you may already own it, but hey if you get in quick enough you can grab a centurion helmet prop for your troubles!

Ubi also has Starlink: Battle For Atlas and Trials Rising set up, and as always there’s Just Dance 2019 for everyone who’s craving a little spot of public humiliation.


Everything On The Show Floor At PAX Aus 2018Image: Kotaku

Hey, Nintendo has games again! The most prominent game on Nintendo’s booth this year is Smash Bros Ultimate, which you can get your hands on this weekend if you brave the lines.

You can also check out Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu, which are housed in cute little Pokemon Centre set ups.

Other than these two, there are a couple of small stations featuring other upcoming Switch games and ports, as well as Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS (which somehow isn’t dead yet!)

Everything Else

If you’re an esports fan there’s plenty to occupy yourself this weekend, with plenty of stages that’ll host everything from huge tournaments to mini comps.

If you understand the kids these days, check out the Fortnite Boogiedown challenge, which at the very least will provide some good people-watching.

As always don’t forget to check out the panels across the weekend. If you want to catch Team Kotaku speaking this weekend, here are the panels we’ll be on:

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  • Anything there in regards to sim racing? Last year they had some really sweet Sim racing setups that moved around while you drove etc. Was awesome.

    • Red Bull has a booth with really cool looking racing seat setups with wheels and VR headsets running iRacing. It looks great but the wait (at least when I was there) is a while.

  • From my sweep of the exhibit floor today:
    Playstation has Days Gone
    Xbox has Devil May Cry 5
    Nintendo has the Switch version of Diablo 3

    • A little surprised that none of these got mentioned in the article really.

      I played the DMCV demo and, uh, wow that is not a good way to show off your upcoming game, Capcom.

  • I think depending on the line/demand you’ll get hurried through Kingdom Hearts 3. I completed the Olympus half of the showcase but didn’t get far in the Toybox before our aisle had to be moved out.

    Spyro was also timed but you get about enough time to complete each if you beeline to the finish. I finished two levels 100% before I handed off to my friend. Levels are Stone Hill, Idol Springs and Sunny Villa if anybody was interested. It’s such an amazing remaster and I was in heaven for my little bit of time with it. I don’t think I got enough of KH though and I had a busted headset. Awh 🙁 (I told them the headset was broken tho, I hope they fixed it)

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