Fallout 76 Bug Accidentally Deletes Entire 50GB Beta

Fallout 76 Bug Accidentally Deletes Entire 50GB Beta

The Fallout 76 beta starts on PC tonight, but an 11th hour bug in Bethesda’s launcher has had unusually severe repercussions for some affected users.

Earlier this evening, Bethesda tweeted:

Don’t click any buttons? Weird. Turns out the “issue” wasn’t your average freeze. It was a bug where clicking any button on the launch client would delete the entire beta and force users to download the just-under-50GB thing all over again.

Anyone seeing this Tweet in time would have been fine, but loads of people of course wouldn’t have.

We won’t ever know how just how many ended up clicking a button, but when you’re at the point where Bethesda’s support forums are blowing up, things are bad.

A later tweet from Fallout’s account gave some specific advice for those affected.

To recap: if you clicked a button, wait. If you didn’t click a button, don’t click a button.


  • Sorry. I may of found myself laughing a little too much at this, as bugs go, it is rather, er um, extreme. (needless to say I am not one of those affected)

    • “So all you need to do to take part in our exiting Beta is install the game, click Launch, aaaand it’s gone”


    • Wait… so I push the button, not click it? 🙂

      Still, hats off to Bethesda. They called it break-it-early-test-application for a darn good reason. I managed to play 4 hrs on PS4 this morning (WA time) and was a lot of fun. Mostly no bugs and definitely great ping times – and this is me on ADSL2 (no NBN for a lot of us West Aussies).

      • You can click the button if you like.

        But if it’s a BIG RED BUTTON, then it must be pushed. Or pressed.

        *ESPECIALLY* if it says “DON’T.”

  • I was able to get in, but then I found out rather quickly there is no Ultra-wide support. So it either appears as a BOX taking up a small portion of your monitor OR you change your resolution in windows and it’s super stretch.

    WTF, it’s 2018, surely enough people ultra-wide monitors by now you should support it by default!

    • My uninformed opinion is that this is likely intentional, same with the lack of FOV adjustment to allow for a level playing field for all players.

    • Well if you view the recent hardware survey from Steam. There is a lot less usage then you would think. 6.3% using a resolution over 1920×1080.

      Yes this isn’t the most accurate, but probably the best measure there currently is in terms of gamers. Does not excuse native support but is something that isn’t always thought of, and now that it is a multiplayer game. There is always the discussion of ‘advantages’.

  • And we all thought they were talking about the game itself when they said they wanted to “break it early”…

  • As much as I’d love to play the “not a bug, it’s a feature” meme, this is beyond the pale in my book.

    Bethesda really needs to lift its game in the QA department.

  • How…? How do you bug things out like this? Did they somehow map all the buttons to the uninstall function or something?

  • Of course this happens to a Bethesda beta.
    Bethesda need to step up – plenty of us are sick of playing the same stiff and buggy engine for the past 10 YEARS. This stuff should be all worked out by now yet they don’t give up.
    With games like RDR2, God of War, Spider-Man, Witcher 3 as single player experiences being so polished (arguably Fallout while not as big a franchise can be damn close – this is un-excusable)

    As for Online games? PUBG is less buggier than a Bethesda game – so what the hell does that say.

    There should be a boycott so these guys step up to standard.

  • See, we all misunderstood.

    The B.E.T.A. ( Break it Early Test Application ) wasn’t for us.

    It was so THEY could break it early.

  • If it’s any consolation, they extended Thursday/Friday’s session to 9 hours.

    I had to re-download all 47gb, as I thought it would be smart to check for an update at 8am, 2hrs before lift-off.

    Luckily my FTTP 100mb connection downloaded at 10MB/s for the entire 2hrs.

    Had a ball. Bring on Friday!

  • “Fallout apocalypse online simulator… install the game, watch the virtual apocalypse happen as the game destroys itself…”

    • Allows the player to experience the feeling of loss their character felt when the bombs dropped.. <- that’s how you write a damage control PR statement 😀

    • If SidAlpha’s tweet is to be believed, they also tied the game speed to the refresh rate.

      It’s almost as if they are trying to be the worst and wind up on SidAlpha’s Dirty Devs list.

  • Without the npc’s the world feels really empty and lifeless.

    Plus I noticed something as well when I was on the EB website. They have the power armour edition that sold out back on sale. Considering they weren’t making anymore it means lots of cancelled preorders

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