Finally, Players Can Add As Many Puddles To Spider-Man As They Want

Screenshot: Gil Doron, Spider-Man

A week before Spider-Man released, some people on the internet started freaking out about the game’s apparent lack of puddles. There were a lot of puddles in an early trailer for the game, and later, not as many puddles in what appeared to be the same location, which some saw as a downgrade.

Fortunately, they need be angry no longer. One of the game’s newest photo mode features now lets you add as many puddles as you want.

Today’s Spider-Man update appeared most notable at first for including the game’s New Game+ mode and Ultimate difficulty setting. Upon further inspection, however, the real news turned out to be in the game’s photo mode. This mode got updated in a few ways, including the addition of a bunch of new stickers, such as puddle stickers.

The game’s lead UI artist, Gil Doron, noted the changes in a tweet, writing, “I fixed this for you.”

The puddles come in two different shapes, but since you can make them bigger or smaller, and also now rotate stickers, the combinations really are endless.

At the time of the original kerfuffle, Insomniac Games responded that it hadn’t changed the number of puddles in the game, only their size. Others who thought the entire thing was just silly made Spider-Man puddles into its own meme. Now Insomniac has come back to have the last laugh.


    "Sir, people are complaining about the visual downgrade from the last trailer to the latest one."
    "Hmm. Okay, just respond to it in a way that makes their complaints look invalid, then they'll look stupid and we can mock them down the line for bonus points."
    "That's perfect!"
    And so it was written, and so it came to pass.

      Still complaining about that performance improvement from when they took out those puddles?

        I'm just describing what has literally happened here. They've set up a strawman and everyone's fallen for it like idiots.

    great that the devs have a great sense of humour, sad that they have to put up with so many painful puddle-gate type (insert bad word here) gamers, who clearly dont.

    One of this years most pathetic and embarrassing over reaction to a non-story.

    This puts me in mind of the kind of scenario where a fast-food server goes the extra mile to totally own an unreasonable customer and the whole thing gets caught on video, and while 'the crowd goes wild' and the customer splutters and the server poses, I'm one of those schmucks just standing in the queue for the counter next to it all, wishing everyone could just quietly go about their business; I just want my food, man.

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