Full List Of PlayStation Classic Games Is Missing Some Classics

Sony has released the full list of 20 games that will be on its miniature PlayStation Classic, and while there are some nice ones on there (Metal Gear Solid, Wild Arms), there are also some baffling decisions. No Tomb Raider, no Crash and… no Suikoden 2.

Here’s the full list:

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destruction Derby
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash!
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mr Driller
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  • Revelations: Persona
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Arms

I get that Activision might not have wanted to put Crash Bandicoot on there given the recent remakes, but were there really a lot of people clamouring for Cool Boarders 2 or the original Grand Theft Auto?

If you could buy more games à la carte this thing might really be great, but alas, that isn’t an option (until the hacking inevitably starts).

The PlayStation Classic comes out December 3 for $149.99.


    • Oh my god I joked about Cool Boarders 2 in my ‘wish list’ article and there it is! I may cry from happiness.

          • As an old person, I have wistful memories of a time when consoles actually had competing exclusives that were directly comparable. It never happens anymore, games are either multi-platforms or targeted exclusives that aren’t generic.

            Again though, the young person in me will kick your ass. Coolboarders is a cheap, ugly, 3rd rate knockoff with arcade controls, dated gameplay and a non-existent physics engine.

          • Knockoff? Cool Boarders 1 came out 2 years before 1080, Cool Boarders 2 came out 1 year before 1080.

  • I disagree, I think the selection of games on there is fantastic as is. Oddworld? Resident Evil? Syphon Filter? Battle Arena Toshinden? Rayman? Yes please.

    Putting aside Crash and Spyro who are owned by Activision, the only really notable omissions I think is Symphony of the Night and Gran Turismo. I would have taken those 2 games over Intelligent Qube and Mr Driller. But regardless it’s still a solid lineup and I’m still hyped for it.

      • Tony Hawk can be explained because of Activision. Same reason Crash and Spyro aren’t there. As for Silent Hill…well…who the hell knows what Konami is doing these days.

  • GTA is an odd one, as you can get it for free of Rockstars website last time I cheeked. Same for GTA2 I think.

    • You can get all these games for free with a PC and the internet.

      I think GTA made it based on the historical importance of the GTA franchise rather than its value as a stand-alone PS1 game.

      That doesn’t explain the lack of Gran Turismo or Wipeout though.

      • You can get all these games for free with a PC and the internet.

        That’s a dumb argument and you know it. You don’t compare purchasing legit legal copies of games with downloading pirated roms.

        GT is indeed an odd omission given it was the best selling game on the original system. It’s a first party Sony franchise too. I can only imagine there must be some kind of licensing problem with the cars that appear in the game. Conversely, Ridge Racer Type 4 doesn’t contain any licensed cars to my knowledge (you have fictional makers like “Age”, “Lizard” and “Terrazi”) so wouldn’t have had the same issues. That’s the only explanation I can come up with but it seems to make sense.

        • The point is that if you’re only including games that are worth purchasing a $150 piece of proprietary hardware to play them, then you may as well get a whole new list. There’s a bunch of games on there you could get for a fraction of the price on other machines as either remakes or the original versions. I don’t think there’s been a console or PC in the last 20 years you couldn’t play Resident Evil on.

          If you’ve got a PC, an interest in playing old PS1 games and enough savvy to go hunting for GTA on the Rockstar website, you’re probably not going to have a problem illegally downloading some software that’s been out-of-print for the past 20 years.

          I’ve been told repeatedly (by the people on this website) that the people buying these things do it for the novelty of collecting old-consoles. Nobody is spending $150 on this crap because they genuinely want to play the best NES/ SNES/ PS1 games.

          I suspect you’re 100% right about the GT licencing.

          • I’d be getting one a) for the novelty of owning something looking like an old console, and b) to genuinely want to play them. At least once. Not because they were the Best Games Ever (except a few were) but because I want to see how far console graphics have advanced in the past ~20 years.

            GT looked amazing in the 90’s, but today, not so much. Designed for 24″ to 27″ teles, the resolution doesnt scale well to the 55″+ monsters we typically have today, and I think it’ll be laughable to see them on a 1080 screen, let alone a 4K screen.

            Its not a BAD list, its just not going to have all the games people want. I also think GT’s omission is licensing and nothing else, something thats caught other games out before. Music licensing has at least.

            Its more whether I want to dump $150 to have a new paperweight, or just go the torrent path as you suggest. Right now, I’m leaning away from it. But theres still that little voice reminding me I’m curious to see it up on a 4K screen to see how bad it looks. It’s like remembering how awesome Quake looked on release, then going back and playing it again…

  • I loved both cool boarders 2 and GTA, and if we’re talking popular classics of the PSX era they’re both riiight up there. Leave ’em alone!

    If anything i would’ve dumped rainbow six and maybe rayman. They’re faaar better suited to other platforms.

    Most telling though, is the deafening absence of Gran Turismo. Can’t believe they’re doing a PSX without a dualshock!

    Also TOCA touring cars 1 was the best racing game on the PSX. Fight me!

  • If you could buy more games à la carte this thing might really be great, but alas, that isn’t an option (until the hacking inevitably starts).

    That’s my biggest issue with all of these mini retro consoles – you just get those games that are pre-selected for you, and that’s it.

    Personally, I reckon for $150 you’re better off buying a preowned Vita and then just pick and choose the PS1 games that you want off the PS Store. Obviously it would cost a bit more since you’ll need a memory card and you have to buy the games individually, but at least you can choose the games you want from a much wider range.

    • Or get a preowned PS3 for even less if you want it hooked up to the TV. You lose the portability, but don’t need the memory card and can play 2 player games. With wireless controllers, too,which gives it another advantage over the mini PS1.

  • If you could buy more games à la carte this thing might really be great
    I wish this was an option. My SNES mini would look a lot different to how it did out of the box. Not that it matters, hacked it and got the games I wanted on it eventually.

    Honestly probably a better business model too. You have the entire consoles back catalogue of games available, give everyone the first 20 or so free, then charge for additional ones a user wants. Though that’s an entire other selection of hardware and menu’s that needs to be built into the console and would probably put the price up.

    I’m not getting the PS1 mini but I’m disappointed by that list, some real gems that are being missed out on.

    • There are some notable omissions sure but with only 20 games you’re bound to have a few that are missing. I can’t complain about the selection of games that are actually on it though. You need to focus on the games that are included rather than the ones that are missing.

  • Pretty good selection, although Rayman and Rainbow Six could do to be replaced with Gran Turismo 2 (which is likely in licensing hell sadly) and Castlevania SotN

    • Yes! Totally agree.. THPS2 being absent is ridiculous. I would assume, like many of the games missing it’s totally a licensing thing for music/people, etc.

      Also, Where’s Wipeout 2097? Where’s Tomb Raider? (that couldn’t be a music thing) Soul Reaver? and RE1 instead of 2?

      • Wipeout is possibly (probably?) music related. Tomb Raider has changed owners over the years, which is the same thing that’s happened to the Legacy of Kain series too…and considering they are multiplatform franchises now there was possibly licensing issues…probably a similar reason why Crash and Spyro aren’t there. Keep in mind none of these characters appeared in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale either, despite how integral they were to the PS1’s initial success – pretty good indication that there’s licensing red tape behind the scenes.

        RE1 I guess is the genesis of the RE franchise and is beloved by a lot of gamers. RE2 is also getting a remake on PS4 so there’s that to consider as well.

  • I would have liked to see Tenchu: Stealth Assassins in there. God, I loved that game, although I suspect it probably hasn’t aged well.

  • I knew the chances were very slim but it still hurts not to have Suikoden on there.
    Honestly they could just release a JRPG-only version of the PS1 classic and I’d be very happy.

  • There is always the Japanese variation. Here’s the list.

    Arc the Lad
    Arc the Lad 2
    Armored Core
    Intelligent Qube
    Gradius Gaiden
    Devil Dice
    SaGa Frontier
    G Darius
    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
    Battle Arena Toshinden
    Resident Evil Director’s Cut
    Parasite Eve
    Mr Driller
    Metal Gear Solid
    Tekken 3
    Wild Arms
    Jumping Flash
    Ridge Racer Type 4
    Final Fantasy VII

  • I’m surprised the Revelations: Persona made it on there. Not disappointed, just surprised.

    Would have loved to have seen Armored Core on the system.

    EDIT: Ahh, seeing the Japanese release list above, Armored Core is included there.

  • How is there a question mark next to GTA?? That game is rock solid and still a blast to play. Stands up better than most of these titles, thanks to it’s 2D spritestylez. There’s a reason there’s been an indie resurgence of these top-down violence-simulators in recent years (Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Mr. Shifty, Party Hard, Garage, etc.).

    • because GTA 1 is no where near as good as the later games, and if they were going to include a GTA game it should’ve been GTA 2

      • You, sir, have a filthy mouth. What would your mother say if she could hear you now?

        GTA 2 is fine, but it just built on the premise of 1; it did nothing to revolutionise the format. I mean, Tomb Raider 2 was better than 1, but 1 is still more of a ‘classic’, because it gave us something new and exciting. Same with GTA. If I wanted the ‘best’ of a series, wtf would I waste my time with a gaming time capsule like the PSMini? I think GTA 1 over 2 is the right choice – 1 is a great game, and it defined a genre. 2 just iterated on it.

        And comparing GTA 1 to 3 and onwards is insane. They’re nothing a like.

  • The ps3 has a better selection of ps1 classics….

    And at this point is a hell of a lot cheaper
    You can get a used ps3 for peanuts and each ps1 classic game is around $5 so you can pick a much better selection

    Plus it also plays some ported ps2 classics and all ps3 games
    The ps1 mini is just……not good, i know they are trying to copy nintendos mini consoles but nintendo is a cheap bastard on its games and prices them ridiculously while sony actually prices its retro games sensibly making a mini console actually not worth it

    Ironically its sony not being an a terrible company and having decent retro prices that makes the mini not worth it

  • No Wipeout seems odd and no Crash seems puzzling (yeah, I know, licencing etc).
    Circle of the Moon is also a strange omission considering there is some Capcom on there.
    My PSX’s are all functional and modded and I’m happy playing on my old, constanly-being-repaired NEC TV kept just for the occasion.
    For me, putting an old black-bottomed PS disc in the console and booting up to that sound on an old TV gives the same buzz and slipping out an LP from it’s case, laying it down on the turntable, and connecting the needle.

  • Props for Coolboarders 2. A lot of the rest of the choices are mistakes or filler, same as the NES and SNES classics, disappointed and won’t be buying.

    Battle Arena Toshinden – Could have been Tobal No.1
    Destruction Derby – no
    Final Fantasy 7 – Should have been FF8 or 9. FF7 has already had many re-releases on more platforms.
    Grand Theft Auto – Should have been GTA2, or something else entirely.
    Intelligent Qube/Kurushi – meh but ok. Kula World would have been a better puzzler.
    Metal Gear Solid – A work of art. It had to be here.
    Mr Driller – no
    Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – Should have been Abe’s Exodus, but it will do.
    Rayman – ok I guess. Maybe Gex instead.
    Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Should have been RE2.
    Revelations: Persona – There are countless RPGs that would have been better.
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo – no
    Syphon Filter – Should have been Syphon Filter 3
    Tekken 3 – Should have been Tekken 2, but 3 is fine, at least it wasn’t the original.
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Should have been Medal Of Honor.
    Twisted Metal – Should have been Twisted Metal 2 or later, or Vigilante 8/2nd Offense with the first game’s arena built in (which could be added to the arena menu via a CD swap)

    Games that would have been fine additions:
    G Darius
    Klonoa (surprised this isn’t on here)
    Wip3out (shocked there’s no Wipeout at all, was expecting 2097)
    Bust A Groove (dancing game, not to be confused with Bust A Move the puzzler)
    Medievil 1 or 2
    Omega Boost
    Circuit Breakers
    Future Cop LAPD
    Team Buddies
    Crash Team Racing

    Glad there was no:
    Spice World
    Gran Turismo

  • Mr Driller?

    Hands up who wants to play this.

    Battle arena Toshinden I guarantee you has aged in the worst way possible.

    If this thing was modular and you could add game packs I’d be in.
    Why don’t companies do it like that?
    Being a closed system just wagged a red flag at hackers and makes your consumer base very specific, especially when you can play discs on PS3 or download to PS3.

  • is there someone where else I can play Ridge Racer Type 4? I’ve never played a Ridge Racer before and I want to try one out

  • Sony you are nothing but a bunch of morons for not including Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot, Insomniac Games Spyro the Dragon, BANDAI NAMCO’S Pac-Man and 20th Century Fox’s Croc Legend of the Gobbos.
    Seriously Sony where is Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Croc Legend of the Gobbos, and Pac-Man?!
    Come on Sony show some goddamn respect and bring us some more classic games for the Playstation Classic you guys are no match against Nintendo.
    I swear to God if you guys don’t bring us more classic games for the Playstation Classic then your future plans for the PS5 are out the window.

  • looks like they have tried to put in some of the rarer / more expensive games that are actually good like Intelligent Qube, Mr Driller, Puzzle Fighter :0 This list looks great 🙂 definitely better than what was on the SNES classic tbh.

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