Good Morning, Here's 55 Minutes From Fallout 76

If you've been wondering what Fallout 76 looks like in the flesh, here's almost an hour of raw gameplay to help you out.

Polygon uploaded a chunk of footage overnight, covering the game's levelling, how home bases function, crafting, VATS and more all function in a multiplayer context. In a lot of ways, this will probably feel like Fallout 4 with multiplayer — although there are some important changes and new systems in place, obviously.

The segment of gameplay also showcases a good range of environments, and at the very end players get ambushed by what sounds like a dragon (13:44).

Eurogamer also uploaded 40 minutes from the beginning of the game — captured on an Xbox One X — if you want to see the first few opening sequences.

Due out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 14, Fallout 76 should be interesting for those who have pleaded with Bethesda to incorporate multiplayer into their gargantuan worlds for years.

It's also worth noting that the beta for Fallout 76 starts on October 23 internationally for Xbox One, and October 30 for PC and PS4 users. The beta won't be online permanently during this time, and only those who pre-order the game will have access. For more details about what to expect, see more of our coverage below.

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    I'm.... actually quite amped for this! I was a little underwhelmed/disappointed hearing it was an online survival game but seeing all those people standing around and not immediately shooting and griefing each other like other games of its ilk gives me hope.

      Are you sure its not just because this was an event and all the players were games journalists? Perhaps they couldn't figure out which buttons made the guns fire?

    I can't quite put my finger on it but this all seems so... dull. Is it that the lack of a good narrative hook to propel you forward? Is it the immersion-breaking presence of the other players? Am I less forgiving of how similar the core gameplay is to previous titles now?

      The environment and surroundings look great, but then immersion is abruptly destroyed as you have the jank animations of MP characters strafing sideways, standing tall as they open containers with their crotch, swinging their guns around arms stretched out with blank stares.

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