Got Amazon Prime? Get Scythe The Board Game For $87

Got Amazon Prime? Get Scythe The Board Game For $87
Image: Amazon / Stonemaier

Scythe is an excellent board game, it’s just a shame that it retails for well over $100 locally. But not if you buy it today from Amazon Australia, where it’s $87. Well, Amazon US actually, but we’ll get to that.

As user “kpyam2000” over at OzBargain notes, if you hit up Scythe on Amazon Australia — making sure to select Amazon US as the supplier — the price comes to $86.75.

However, delivery is $42.70. Yuk.

Fortunately, if you have Amazon Prime (or take the 30-day trial), the postage goes to zero. If you don’t have Prime, and already burned through the trial, you could always pay for a month (currently $5) and still come out ahead.

Scythe: The Kotaku Review

It's not every day you get to rampage through the 1920s countryside in control of a fleet of giant mechs. Scythe is a new board game from Stonemaier Games. If the art looks familiar, that's because the entire game is based on a universe imagined by artist Jakub Rozalski.

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As an added bonus, if you’d like a six per cent discount (about $5, funnily enough), be sure to go via CashRewards.

Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Games [Amazon Australia, via OzBargain]


  • Does it work though? Sending from Amazon US?

    Whenever I try, it always seems like it’s going to work, then in the final step it tells me I can’t order from the US.

    • Yes if you are on it will allow the item to ship from us. If you are in .com (the us site) then item won’t shop.

    • I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but I could not get it to ship to my parcel locker for whatever reason. When I changed the shipping address to my home address it managed to work.

    • You order from the .au site, but you make sure that the _seller_ is Amazon US. If you order from the .com site it lets you get to the end, reminds you that Gerry Harvey’s a cunt and falls over.

    • When using the US Amazon webpage, you’ll run into this issue, however if you use and change the supplier on the item to Amazon US, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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