Grab The Best Jackbox Party Pack (So Far) For Under $7

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Quiplash and Fibbage are two of the best party games of the last few years. But if you don't own either of them, you can get them both for less than a sandwich.

Ahead of the release of Jackbox Party Pack 5 later this week, Fanatical are running a deal on probably the best Jackbox bundle to date: Jackbox Party Pack 2. This is the bundle that includes Quiplash XL and Fibbage 2, along with Bidiots, Earwax and Bomb Corp. The latter of which only supports four players, however, so you'll generally want to stick to Fibbage and Quiplash for the eight-player support.

My Favourite Games Of 2015: Quiplash

For me, Quiplash might be the greatest game the Jackbox team has ever produced.

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If you've attended PAX Australia in the last couple of years, chances are you'll have seen a large group playing Jackbox games outside of the main theatre hall. TAYbies also have some good stories about games of Quiplash and Fibbage at a PAX meetup a couple of years ago. Alternatively, you can go the insane route by introducing the internet to your mother through a Quiplash stream.

Either way, these games are great and should be a part of everyone's library. Head to Fanatical to grab a key within the next 10 or so hours.


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