GTA Online Players Are Using Drones To Stop Trolls

GTA Online Players Are Using Drones To Stop Trolls

Every few months or so new vehicles and weapons are added to GTA Online via free updates. These new toys, like the deadly orbital cannon or the powerful flying jet bike, are often used to troll other players or to cause general chaos and destruction.

But a recently added gadget is being used by some players to try to bring a little justice to the wild world of GTA Online.

Some players are using the new remote controlled drone to attack and annoy trolls and so-called “tryhards,” players who aggressively attack others using powerful weapons. Many in the community believe these avenging players are heroes who are trying to make GTA Online a better place.

The drone was added into GTA Online in the last major update for the game, After Hours. This update focused on fancy nightclubs, drinking heavily and new ways to make money.

One of the new ways to earn cash was the massive Terrorbyte, an armoured truck that players can use to start business mission anywhere on the map.

The Terrorbyte also came with a fun new gadget: a player-controlled drone that can fire electric shots that stun players and can even self-destruct, blowing up vehicles and killing anyone near the explosion.

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Some noble drone operators park their Terrorbytes in out-of-the-way spots in Los Santos. From there, they hop into their command center and spawn and control a small drone.

The drone can then be used to find players who are trolling or annoying others, like using a deluxo to attack players delivering shipments or stopping players who are abusing a glitch to grief others.

Once the operator finds their target, they will often fly around and shock them whenever the drone’s cooldown is up. Other players use the drone’s self-destruct ability to get the job done.

The drone is very fragile, and bumping into a wall or pole will usually destroy it. But since the drone is incredibly small, it’s nearly impossible for players to find and shoot, even if they know a drone is nearby. Even trying to escape in a car won’t save you if the drone operator is accurate enough with their shots.

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Adding insult to injury, some players are using muggers in combination with drones to really annoy trolls. In GTA Online players can call a mugger to attack another player. Paired with a drone and its taser, it’s nearly impossible for a stunned player to avoid being mugged.

Watching trolls and tryhards get shocked over and over again is pretty satisfying. Some players even make videos showcasing their best anti-trolling drone moments. On Reddit and social media GTA Online fans are generally happy about these drone operators.

Of course as these players get more skilled with using the drone, the question becomes whether things will go too far. Who decides who’s a tryhard and who’s innocent? Will they play long enough to become the very thing they fight?


  • Anything that stops or disrupts griefers and trolls in online games, is fine by me.
    Griefers have a huge case of little-man syndrome.

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