Help Us With Something (And Win A $200 Gift Card)

Help Us With Something (And Win A $200 Gift Card)

Hey! We’re doing a survey yet again. It’s very short, and it’s about all things Kotaku Australia.

In exchange for your time, we’re away some $200 pre-paid David Jones gift cards. You can use those in-store or online on anything you’d like.

Is there something you love and think we should be doing more of? Something you’d like to see change? Or something you’d like to see work with? This is a great way to let us know.

Here’s the link to the survey one more time. And as always: thank you again for your time and readership.


  • Please, take the time to do this survey and ask Kotaku to get rid of the billions of ads between the articles and the comments section. It’s crazy! We only scroll straight past them anyway…

      • I just submitted my own response for the survey and I took the time to mention that the current experience when personally viewing the Kotaku web site and other web sites from the same network has been the straw that broke the camels back. This web site is a fine example of why there is a market for ad blocking software.

  • Just done it now – lucky as i think this is only the second time i’ve been to
    kotaku all week as it really is a chore to read at the moment, especially with that Huwaei advert making mobile browsing so miserable.

    Remember to keep feedback constructive people!

    As an aside, guessing because I hadn’t visited for a while i’d been logged out – whilst logged out I couldn’t read the comments on the two articles I read? Is that now a thing? Due to said adverts I cannot be fussed to log out, check & log back in again…

    • Sweet so the article released on the 24th but the survey competition is between 1-18th of October. Don’t bother wasting your time

  • And done. We need to sort out the ad problem guys. Have no problem supporting you, but the ads kill the sit browsing experience, being both obtrusive as hell, and a significant performance hit.

    Also, approach Sponsored Content at your peril. If I’m just reading ads, that’s game over.

  • I went back a page to read the terms and conditions, and the survey wigged out. Wouldn’t let me continue, said I’d completed it. Only got to enter gender & Age. Does that count as an entry?

    • I had this happen too. I didn’t get to the part where you put your email in, so I guess it doesn’t count.

  • Done. Speaking of surveys and competitions, whatever happened to that one a few weeks ago where we had to choose a game prize pack we’d like and write 25 words on it? Never saw the winners announced.

  • Everyone needs to fill this out and target the adds. My comments keep getting deleted when I question the adds, I’m not expecting this one to be any different

  • Uh… the Terms and Conditions say:

    2. The survey commences 1st October 2018 and closes on 12th October 2018 (“the Promotional Period”). The promoter may in its absolute discretion end the promotion prior to the conclusion date, or extend the promotion beyond the close date.
    3. The winner(s) will be selected at random by Allure Media – this will commence on 22nd October 2018 at Allure Media, 80 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000. The winner(s) will be notified by email.

    Since its the 24th, is this still valid?

  • I completed it. I basically mentioned these points:
    Too many ads; when I have 3 ads on screen and no actual content, I start looking on different websites for gaming news.

    Sponsored content longevity; the sponsored content articles spend far too much time in my list of articles, even (ESPECIALLY) after I’ve read them.
    Community is key; one of the key reasons I come to Kotaku is for the comments sections and since they removed it from Gizmodo, I have removed it from my browser history.

  • Not sure if this is the place for it, but I would love to see less esports content. If you have to keep it, then what about a filter option? Let us choose what comes up in the feed. Thanks 🙂

  • Just put mine in.

    The volume of ads as gone too far and for too long.

    Not to be savage, but the ads here are worse than on freaking Foxtel!

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