Here’s A 75Hz 1440P FreeSync Monitor For $276

Here’s A 75Hz 1440P FreeSync Monitor For $276
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Looking for a bigger monitor but don’t want to break the bank?

Futu Online’s eBay store is running another 20% sale, which means plenty of discounts on accessories, SSDs, graphics cards and so on. And one of the best bargains available right now is the AOC Q3279VWF 31.5″, which supports FreeSync, 1440p, 75Hz refresh rate, and has a 5ms G2G response time — for $276.

Obviously at this price there’s some compromises, and they’re mainly in terms of VESA mounts, manoeuvrability, and the slower refresh rate compared to higher end gaming monitors. But 75Hz isn’t too bad for under $300, and the MVA panel offers some pretty decent blacks — although most reviewers have noted that the AOC Q3279 is a bit blue out of the box, but you can adjust that through the OSD settings.

You’ll need to use the PFUTU20 checkout code. It’s a good bargain for anyone still living on tiny 23″ screens who wants something larger for browsing or movies on the side. Head here to check out the deal and the specs while it’s still available.


  • Here’s a tip: Don’t buy this monitor! I was also drawn in by the price a few months back – instant regret.
    1080 looks awful on it, for some reason it washes out the screen when it’s not at the native resolution, and that’s on top of the usual blurring caused by using a non-native resolution. But worst of all is the horrific black/gray smearing. Any dark scenes with movement looks awful (e.g. a cave in Skyrim). Kinda makes the walls look like sludge. It’s much more pronounced in 2K, but still shows in 1080. I’ve tried every setting the thing has but nothing gets rid of it. I figured Game Mode would do something, but nope.

    Also, keep in mind that some things still don’t scale well in Windows, even the latest build of 10, so 2k is a mixed blessing. And as you say, the lack of VESA is annoying.

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