Here's A Charming New Indie

If the combination of giant monsters, nice background music, magic, sword combat and charming characters sounds like a good mix for an action RPG, then you may like to know about Project Monolith.

It's a third person aRPG being developed by Colombian devs C2 Game Studio, a company that has mostly released mobile games so far. Project Monolith is in development for PC and all consoles, however. You can see roughly a minute of gameplay below:

For those who like seeing behind the scenes of development, C2 published a video of a much earlier prototype from Project Monolith mid-last year. You can see much of the game's DNA, but there's still plenty of placeholder assets, the main character has a different mask and you can see some of the developer log during combat.

The action reminds me a fraction of Biomutant, but not as gritty or with the comicbook stylings. There's no other information on Project Monolith available, but I'll keep you posted as anything interesting comes to light.


    Love the art style and it seems very interesting for a developer that hasn't produced anything outside of a mobile platform - I'll keep my eye on it.

    It looks quite wonderful.

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