Here's All The Overwatch LEGO Sets

That Bastion was just the start; there’s a whole line of LEGO Overwatch sets coming, featuring many of the core cast, some locations, some vehicles and of course, The Payload.

While not officially announced by Blizzard yet, Target went and put pictures of the sets up a bit early, and The Brothers Brick were able to get some pics.

We’re getting Tracer + Widowmaker:

Genji + Hanzo:

Soldier 76 + Reaper + McCree:

Reinhardt + D.Va:

A bigger Bastion:

And a Winston + Mercy + Reaper + Pharah set:

There’s more pics, including box shots, at The Brothers Brick. All of these sets will be out on January 1.


    Would sell a kidney for some mega bloks of these. The building part is like 95% the same quality now with mega bloks just giving you a lot more parts for the money, but then the figures of mega bloks kick ass. seriously that lego widowmaker, ughhhhh

      I find that Lego has more interesting build techniques than MegaBloks though. My two most recent sets from each were the Charizard and Gyarados from MB and the TIE Fighter and X-Wing from Lego.

      The Pokemon sets had unique parts for oddly specific (and not overly re-applicable) assembly, whereas Lego was more creative with how it used pre-existing parts (proving their re-usability). I like all four of these about equally, they're all fantastic sets that I'd recommend. But MegaBloks tends to stunt creativity by creating new work-around bricks, whereas Lego promotes it by encouraging finding solutions with the ones you have.

      That being said MegaBloks has come a long way since I was a kid and they are a much closer competition to Lego now.

        A while ago i actually saw some guy who had bought a ton of lego and mega bloks sets specifically to compare the use of 'unique' parts and mega bloks used less apparently.
        Though this was when it was mainly COD and Halo mega bloks and i think he compared to Star Wars and maybe the Marvel/DC lego sets.
        But yeah from what i have seen the pokemon mega bloks use a far higher amount of unique bloks though, so i think in that comparison any lego set would be less.

        I know, i still have some of the old absolute shit tier mega bloks, they were so bad which is why im so impressed with their sets now. I still have tons of my lego sets and love them but i really think mega bloks has caught up almost entirely in quality.

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