Here's The First Teaser From Disney's Aladdin Remake

I'm still not fully sold on the live-action aspect, but if anyone has the budget to pull it off, it's surely Disney.

The first official teaser for the live-action Aladdin remake (directed by Guy Ritchie) mostly focuses on a lot of wide-angle shots, showcasing the sand dunes of Agrabah and the caverns. There's some brief voiceover, and a quick shot of Mena Massoud (Jack Ryan, The 99, Watch Dogs 2).

The full film is due out May 24, 2019 internationally.


    Guy Ritchie......This should be interesting to say the least.

      Aladdin: Good mankees. D'ya like mankees?

      Jaffar: Mankees?

      Aladdin: What?

      Jasmine: Yeah, mankees.

      Jaffar: Oh, monkeys. Sure, I like mankees. I like fruit more.

    Will Smith has some might big pointy shoes to fill.

    Looks cool but I dont know how Will Smith is gonna pull of Genie.

      Well he has the loud yelling speech down pat, it's the range outside that he might struggle with.

        Plus so much of the genie stuff was adlibbed and a bunch of references will be outdated, so I wonder if they will go with the comedy angle at all...

    well i will say this, i loved the Jungle Book and Malificent

      We get a brand new re-imagining of jungle book next year lol.

    I dislike all these remakes, no need to dillute perfection.

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