Heroes Of The Storm Game Director Alan Dabiri Steps Down

Image: Blizzard

As a lead developer, it can be a hard decision to move on from a game you've nurtured from small beginnings to bigger things, but when the time is right, it's right. Such is the case for Alan Dabiri, the long-time Game Director for Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm, who announced a few days ago that he will be stepping away permanently from the game.

While Dabiri is leaving the head role on HotS, he's remaining at Blizzard to "begin a new adventure elsewhere within the company", according to a post on the game's official forums.

There's no mention of a successor, however, Dabiri did specifically call out the efforts of Production Director Kaéo Milker:

The game director has always been one part of the overall leadership team that drives Heroes forward and it’s been a privilege to work among some of the best game developers at every level on the team all the way up to our production director, Kaéo Milker.

Leaving a team and game that I love is incredibly difficult, but seeing the steady strength, creativity, and commitment that Kaéo and the design, engineering, and art leadership teams consistently bring to Heroes has given me more than enough confidence to make this decision.

Dabiri goes on to say that he's proud of the work that has gone into HotS since its "evolution from a StarCraft II mod" and that he believes the game is "in the very best hands".

All the best good sir and, uh... please let us know soon what Blizzard's next project is?

A Message from Alan Dabiri [Blizzard]


    Not sure one year and ten months makes him a long-time game director but he has been on the team the whole time. Matchmaking sure has improved since he took over and that was by far the biggest problem with the game back then. If only they would market the game a bit more to grow the player base. Fingers crossed hes working on Warcraft 4.

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