Hollywood Is Making An Attack On Titan Movie

Image: Hajime Isayama

The popular manga and anime Attack on Titan was already adapted into terrible Japanese cinema, so now it’s time for Hollywood to have a crack. I guess!

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety (via io9), Andy Muschietti, who recently directed the It remake, is helming an Attack on Titan movie for Warner Bros.

Producers David Heyman, Masi Oka and Barbara Muschietti are all attached to the project, which doesn’t yet have a writer.

The first Attack on Titan live-action movie was terrible. Ditto for the second one. Third time’s a charm?


    Given how Hollywood did such a great job with death note, we can be sure this movie will be of stellar quality!

    well Dragonball was such a huge success, they had to repeat it sooner or later I guess

    The problem with adaptions is that they try to tell the entire 5+ season story in 2 hours, what they need to do is have it as a side story that has on bearing on the manga or anime like the My Hero movie just did, totally separate from the anime and manga and has little to no bearing on the overall story.

    Ideally this would be Lord of the Rings meets The Walking Dead with a little bit of superhero action thrown in. As an adaptation of something Japanese I'm hoping for Edge of Tomorrow good, but expecting Dragon Ball Evolution.

    Well it literally couldn't possibly be worse than the ones made in japan so i guess america can take their turn at it.

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