JB's Selling Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One X For $499

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

If you've been holding out for the new Red Dead and want the best possible platform (until it launches on PC, eventually), there's some offers that might catch your eye.

From this Friday to Sunday, you'll be able to grab Red Dead Redemption 2 and an Xbox One X for $499. A user on the Xbox subreddit helpfully capped a shot of the latest JB catalogue below, in case you've left yours to shrivel up and die in the letterbox.

Image: r/xbox

But it's not the only Xbox One X deal around. Press Start have reported that Big W will have a deal with RDR 2, Forza Horizon 4, Forza 7 and an Xbox One X for $569. The question here is whether you'd play Forza 7 or not, since you can grab Forza Horizon 4 for $69 from Amazon anyway. (It's not confirmed if you get a disc or a code; if it's a disc, then at least you'd be able to gift something to a friend if you're not interested.)

Either way, they're some of the better Xbox One X deals that have been kicking around. And given that we're not likely to see another console generation until 2020, now isn't a bad time to consider upgrading. You'll need to head in store to get either of these offers, so best to call your local outlet and have a chat to the staff.


    EB is going to have to up its game :P.

      They never have in the past and still survive.

    You can always sell the download codes that come with the BigW one. I think ForzaH4 is on the game subscription thing too.

    I have a PC with 1080Ti, but for some reason keep getting tempted by the XB1X, but then keep telling myself nearly all the games are on the PC or my PS4Pro anyway.

    Damn marketing.

      Its all about the backward compatibility library. Been playing thru Bad Company 1, which is hilarious, as well as a chronological play thru of Gears of War.

      Cross saving on Forza Horizon is fun too, play on PC, go down stairs, pick up on Xbox.

        I have a 360 already, so backwards compatibility isn't all that interesting to me. My PC is connected to the projector in the living room, so I don't have the separation factor that would make cross-saving all that useful.
        The main advantage would be that when I'm using the PC, others could game on the XB1, but the kids tend to play the Nintendo or the PS4 anyway.
        Still, it is a good price for what you get.

          XB1 has been a disappointment for me (I mean coupled with the controller wifi problem MS denies exists), IMO stick with the PS4Pro, PC and the 360.

            You have to pay to save your game to the cloud on PS.

              I can *kinda* get that, as someone has to pay for the drive space and bandwidth.

              What I am absolutely disgusted with Sony with on however is that you have to pay for Playstation Plus to be able to updates whilst the console is on stand by mode.

                Thanks for not being mean like 98% of people, you're awesome.

                I won't see replies to this.

            What problem? Works fine for me.

              Bought my xb1 day 1, and it has randomly disconnected unless directly in front of the xb and no more than 2m away. Have tried other controllers, same issue. There's a few people who have reported this problem online and MS didn't believe it was a factory fault but are happy to service it for a fee, which I'm lead to believe they replace the controller sensor and it fixes it. Crazy considering my xb360 works from the other side of the house still

            What kind of controllers are you using?

            I had drop out issues with my original Xbone and the first gen controllers (the ones without the headphone port on the bottom).

            I think they continued with the Xbone S, but they've definately stopped now on the X with an elite controller.

            It's rare to find someone else who had issues, people certainly don't complain much and you know they would if it was happening to others. Definately happened to me though.

            Controller wifi problems? I've never had this issue, and I've had maybe 8 controllers over 4 different Xbox consoles.

          Almost finished the original RDR on my X1X. Playing the game in 4K makes a world of difference. Backwards compatibility is not just about emulating old games - it's often also about MS doing some custom tuning to get the game looking and running schmick.

    I dont suppose JB HI FI does trade in of old xbox?

      Get EB to price match then trade in your old one. Go to a shopping center with a JB & an EB and do it early to avoid BS excuses like 'they are out of stock so we won't match'.

        apparently they wont price match as its a download code for the game.

          I'm pretty sure the JB deal is a physical copy of RDR.

            yeah it looks like it is but when i called EB they said they wont price match as its a digital copy. Then he said they have are having a similar deal but with the PS4 pro with red dead 2

            Last edited 23/10/18 12:05 pm

          Not confirmed it's digital copy yet, I have been told it more likely a physical copy.

          They want those trade in's after all and if some one is not interested in RDR2 they might just trade it sane day.

        They don't match bundles last time I tried.

    correct. EB won't match bundles.. they do have a PS 4 Pro bundled with RDR2 for $499, but nothing XBOX related. If they did, I'd be trading in my launch XBOX ONE.

      nice! im still rocking the launch day xbox one. Would totally upgrade if i could trade in with this deal

      My local EB are PS4 zealots they always try to push it when I go in there. I was getting an Xbox 1S they suggested I get a PS4 Pro. I took my money else where.

      Some people just like different things.

      I can only see EB doing a PS4 slim bundle for $499, not the Pro?

      It’s not a pro it’s a 1tb slim, that caught me out too. I had a deposit on it until I realised.

      following this up - actually EB *DID* pricematch the JB Hifi XBOX ONE X bundled with RDR2 for $499 - so I did trade in my launch XBOX ONE, cancelled my RDR2 preorder and ,y 3x Fallout 76 pre-orders and ''bought'' the XBOX ONE X with RDR2 for $499. I then sold the Forza codes which came with the XBOX ONE X for $75 and pre-ordered Fallout 76 on Amazon for $49.76 each delivered. Turned out I had a $20 discount on Amazon AU so one copy of Fallout 76 only cost me $29.6

    Damn, that's a pretty good deal considering you're getting a UHD blu-ray player as well. So tempted...

    OK, I logged in just to say : wth is going on with the ads on this site now? They commit the most heinous of crimes, that being forcing me to keep on having to scroll my screen when trying to read the comments as they load in. It's beyond frustrating. I've never really been annoyed by the ads and I realise they are a necessary evil but this is truly disgusting. Yuck.

    Just seen a cheaper deal on the MS site - $349

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