Let's Appreciate Flight Sim Graphics For A Minute

Digital Combat Simulator is more widely famous for a takeoff video, but jokes about how complicated it is can get in the way of just how good these planes can look.

Here’s the latest entry, due out this “Winter”. It focuses on the F-14 Tomcat — a subject very close to my heart — and has loads of cool touches, like the ability for two players to team up and fly the two-seat fighter cooperatively (one as Maverick, one as Goose) and a cockpit “built using photogrammetry from the F-14 Tomcats preserved at museums.”

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But it’s the visuals in this trailer that get me. I know flight sims have it easy in some respects, since there aren’t many objects to move around and the ground is usually thousands of feet away, but still. From the fighters themselves to the lighting to the water, this looks incredible.

F-14A/B is a module for DCS made by Heatblur, and flight nerds can see more of its features here.


    There's scratch marks on the flight cockpit.... lol

      By cockpit I mean canopy over the cockpit.

      They had fingerprints and fingerprint smudges on the panels inside the cockpit, really high-level details going on here.

    Oh! my god...
    Is this a real Flight??? The graphics are looking so real. I can't believe this is a game. Thanks to the team. I really appreciate there hard work!!! https://mobdro.ooo

    *Sees the giant bomb video*
    Those poor people. If only they knew to just hit LWin+Home to start that plane.
    Also perhaps reading the 800pg might help.

    I badly want this but then remember it's DCS and I don't have 10 years to learn to take off. I miss the old days of Microprose level complexity.

      It would be great if it had a 'jump in' mode where you could just jump into a plane in flight, with more auto assists for the controls.

        DCS World is what you're after then.

        The specific aircraft modules that DCS release are much higher in fidelity than what you'll find in DCS World.

          Also coming out soon is the 'Modern Air Combat ' module that has simplified controls and systems and about 14 different aircraft in one pack

          Last edited 09/10/18 1:02 pm

          DCS World is the entire game platform, you are thinking of Flaming Cliffs 3/Modern Air Combat.

        It does, there's an option in the settings for 'game mode' which greatly simplifies everything down.

      They are making a DCS flight game that is a simple version of DCS for people that just want to jump in and play and only have to learn a few systems.

    Really glad to see this sim get some attention! It is by far the best air combat sim ever. I really feel there are more people out there who will find this interesting but just haven't heard of it yet.

    I'm loving the new F/A-18 module at the moment. Great multi role fighter for a sim. Just waiting on them to add other systems like the FLIR pod and other precision weapons, Mavericks, JDAM's etc.

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