‘Live Development’ Of Dirty Bomb To End, Says Splash Damage

‘Live Development’ Of Dirty Bomb To End, Says Splash Damage
Image: Splash Damage

While Splash Damage’s team-based shooter Dirty Bomb never reached dizzying heights in terms of popularity or player base, it did well enough for the developer to continue working on it, to the point where it took back the publishing rights from Nexon. Sadly, while Splash Damage plans to keep the lights on for Dirty Bomb, it’s calling an end to active development.

“The bottom line is that we can’t financially justify continuing to work on the game we love,” reads an article on the official website, posted two days ago.

After getting the rights back from Nexon, Splash Damage “staffed up” in order to crank out content for the game. This strategy, however, doesn’t seem to have worked out:

It has been a challenging couple of months full of sensitive decisions that we had to make regarding the future of Dirty Bomb. It’s with a heavy heart that, after a bug fix build ships in the upcoming weeks, we will be ending live development and updates on Dirty Bomb.

Splash Damage plans to issue refunds to players who purchased the “All Merc Pack DLC”, and will maintain servers “as long as there are a meaningful number of players”. So it’s not like the game is shutting down, just that what you see now is what you get — in perpetuity.

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