Mario Odyssey’s Goomba-Stacking Limit Has Been Found

Mario Odyssey’s Goomba-Stacking Limit Has Been Found

How many Goombas can be stacked atop one another in Super Mario Odyssey? Playing normally the answer is 30, but video game developer and dissector Skelux has managed a stack of 200. A very unstable stack of 200.

They may be magical mushroom creatures, but Goombas are still subject to the laws of physics. His tower, so lofty the whole thing can’t fit on the screen at once, is as precarious as it is awe-inspiring. One false move and it all comes tumbling down.


It’s a spectacle as impressive as the amount of slowdown the Switch suffers while trying to render 200 Goombas at once. According to Skelux, trying to add more than that number causes the system to crash.

Check out Skelux’s full video below to witness what he calls the “most satisfying ground-pound ever”.