Nintendo's Biggest Selling Games For Switch, 3DS, Wii U And More So Far

Image: Nintendo

It’s that time again! Time for Nintendo to update the sales figures for its best selling games for current gen and previous gen hardware.

Here are Nintendo’s best-selling games:

And the Nintendo 3DS:

The Wii U:

The DS:

The Wii:


    Alot of that looks suspiciously like console attach. I guess its hard to gauge whether you count it as a sale or not though, but would be interesting to see the list without attach.

    Botw is killing it for a zelda title! I hope metroid can find even part of that commercial success.

    And it's pretty amazing when you look at these numbers and remember the development cost is usually a fraction of other top-tier games. The profit margin must be phenomenal, and it also allows them to be more experimental.

    I thought splatoon 2 would be higher! It must be less popular outside of Japan, where it will simply never drop out of the charts. Splatoon 1 stayed in the top 20 for over a year, on the wii u!

    Surprised at the ARMs sales on Switch. I actually think the game is pretty decent, but none of my Switch owning friends share that sentiment..

    Not sure I'll ever get over the shame of contributing to the sales of 1+2 Switch.

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