Obama Does Not Care About Pokémon

Obama Does Not Care About Pokémon

Barack Obama, the 44th President of The United States Of America, a 57 year-old man and father of two, does not care one bit for your pocket monsters.

ATTN: got him to sit down to help make a “get off your arse and vote” video for the upcoming midterms recently, leveraging his charm and wisdom to dispel seven popular excuses that people use to avoid the polling booths.

Pokémon is mentioned right off the bat, and if there’s ever a cause worth throwing them under the bus for in this day and age, it’s this one:


    • In the Land of ‘Merica where the Shadows lie.
      One Hairpiece to rule them all, One Hairpiece to find them,
      One Hairpiece to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
      In the Land of ‘Merica where the Shadows lie.

    • Isn’t it amazing that he’s actually the President though? Everything Clinton did was with a willing participant. Trump literally ‘grabs people by the pussy’. He pays porn stars not to talk, then sues them when he does and insults them on twitter. Yet, still untouchable?

      This thing happens in the Syrian embassy in Turkey and the first thing the main investigator says to the media is ‘i don’t want to talk about the facts’.

      And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s such a strange time.

      • Don’t forget not paying taxes or all the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant creepiness, a highlight being walking into pageant dressing rooms to see teenagers in various stages of undress (bragged about it to Howard Stern).

  • You know what screw former US president Barack Obama he may not like Pokemon but I do and so there’s one Pokemon game I can look forward to getting when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch next month and that is Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.
    Barack Obama for your guest appearance in Mythbusters eat your heart out.

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