Oh Hey, Star Citizen Is Still Out There

Oh Hey, Star Citizen Is Still Out There

Star Citizen has been in development since 2012. It’s still not out yet, of course, not in the traditional sense, but this trailer for the game’s big singleplayer campaign Squadron 42 has just been released, and if nothing else there sure are a lot of Hollywood faces in it.

Gary Oldman! Gillian Anderson! Ben Mendelsohn! Mark Strong!

Most exciting for old-time PC gaming fans, though, is the sight of Mark Hamill and John Rhys-Davies sharing the screen as though the Wing Commander series had never ended.

I’m sorry if you thought the end of that trailer would have a release date on it.


  • Not only does this suck because it’s perpetuating the stereotype that games need to suck up to their older brother, tv and movies, and that these characters are losing an amazing sense of character that goes out the window when you see an actor’s face, it’s also showing just how much of the game’s budget is being wasted on securing big name actors and yet is still circling the development toilet bowl.

    • Shh, shhh, shhhhhh. Have faith, just spend a few more thousand on ships. It’ll release any day week month year decade, now. Then they’ll see… they’ll aaaaaaaalll seeeee. And your sunk cost will be vindicated!

    • Yes any sense of immersion in the video was instantly lost after seeing an actors face, what a waste I would have resonated much better with a blank character or no-name actor.

    • Must be a personal thing, because I love seeing the actors. Annnndddd more and more game companies are doing this. So, get used to it, I guess.

      • *cough*
        I say it about Death Stranding aaaaall the time. I’m just the crazy guy, so no one listens…

  • So is it more likely a movie dramatising the production of this game will be a Sorkin/Fincher affair or Rogan/Franco? Hmmm.

  • Ehhh the character model upgrades and gas giants looked good. The planet size confirmation is fine and the changes to flight model look interesting.

    But there was no big moment to show real development, no large scale space to ground transitions that show new tech development. This year was kind of a dud.

    • It’s because we’re getting the new development every 3 months. They have no need for the big splashy reveal any longer. Now it’s all about the QOL stuff and new content being added in. I’m not sure how you can make a new quest giver a splashy cinematic, you know?

  • Looks promising. Very space opera. It’ll be interesting to see how the final version turns out.

    No doubt I’ll need to upgrade my computer to be able to play it. Oh well, it’s three years old, so the system could do with a bit of sprucing up.

    • Don’t go buying anything too soon. It’ll be a good few years before anything resembling a decent game emerges (if ever).

  • A lot of the footage in this was from the training mission.
    some new stuff in there but mostly older footage. Looks like it will be a pretty good sp game for SQ42 if the tutorial mission video is anythign to go by.

  • Looks pretty but exceptionally generic. “I’m gruff and we’ll win….because we have to”. Zzzzzz. Less money to big name actors and more money to decent writers.

    • Don’t you know? Croberts wrote every single one of the 3000+ page script himself. That’s why it is so immersive!

        • Could have fooled me! I guess I just got so used to Roberts lying to backers, what with saying that CIG came up with the original Kickstarter material when in fact it was Crytek.

          • I guess you don’t actually pay much attention to detail then since Roberts *never* claimed to have written the script and he only claimed to have put forward his own money to fund the initial pitch materials. Or are you going to tell me that Ryan Church worked at Crytek back then?

          • I don’t think Ryan Church did anything apart from concept art, right? Just like Croberts is a dreamer, but wouldn’t know anything about how to ship a game without a publisher breathing down his neck.

  • I want to play it when it comes out, I really do. Big fan of the Wing Commander series after all.

    But I keep getting reminded of Killzone 2. I just have this feeling that was more a ‘vertical slice’ than what we’ll actually see in the end. Hoping I’m wrong, I really am. I guess historically, it’s that once bitten twice shy thing.

    • Sandi Gardiner is in it too. She’s the best saleswoman in the world since she was a little girl. Oh, and now she can put something on her resume that has well-known and reputable actors in it, instead of the usual tickle porn nonsense (not that I’m kink shaming or anything).

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