Our Favourite Cosplay From The 2018 New York Comic-Con

Around 200,000 people went through the doors of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center earlier this month, making the New York Comic-Con one of the biggest nerd shows on the planet.

A big part of the con was of course cosplay, and below you’ll find photos and video (taken by Mineralblu) showcasing some of the best of it that was on display over the weekend.

Cosplay by cardiological
Cosplay by danieltaylor775
Cosplay by rubytaki
Cosplay by babsbutcher
Cosplay by scrapstastic
Cosplay by zombaebby
Cosplay by jamal_johns
Cosplay by marc.kandel
Cosplay by emmaskies
Cosplay by pitchforkcosplay
Cosplay by gillianconahan
Cosplay by ryuulavitz
Cosplay by papabearcosplay
Cosplay by angel_ta2
Cosplay by chaarly
Cosplay by geekflow
Cosplay by babsbutcher
Cosplay by daniela.ladino
Cosplay by criswel18
Cosplay by vallesbian
Cosplay by bhcosplay
Cosplay by kresnek
Cosplay by kawaiimayhem
Cosplay by billnyeofhistory
Cosplay by nadyasonika
Cosplay by rethinkcosplay
Cosplay by jaydencassidy
Cosplay by extreme_costumes


    That Chappie one is fantastic. Hope that one comes back next year with the gangsta makeover applied.

    That Deku... I can't tell what's the cosplayer's sex but in either possibility, some binding was involved. Either way, I wish I could be a tenth that brave.

      I want to say its a girl. I have been surprised before though.

    And that's how you do a Starfire wig. Looking at you, Titans.

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