Pachinko Company President Murdered In Japan

Screenshot: ANN

Masaki Uchigashima, president of Nagoya-based pachinko machine maker Takao, was found stabbed to death in the company parking garage. Aichi Prefecture police are calling it a homicide.

ANN reports that the 39-year-old pachinko president was stabbed multiple times in the head and the stomach. According to authorities, Uchigashima’s suit was disheveled as though he put up a struggle. His mobile phone was placed near his boy. The blade was also discovered nearby.

Uchigashima’s body was discovered this morning after another employee parked his car in the garage. It seems the company president did not return home after work yesterday.

Takao has made numerous anime, manga and movie pachinko game adaptations, including Spider-Man, Ikki Tousen, and Sadako 3D of the Ring series.


    Really there calling it as a homicide, like was there even a remote chance he stayed himself to death.

      Well, uh... there is this whole stereotype of that actually being a thing... though usually a bit cleaner, I thought.

        Yeah I mean the whole Seppuku thing, but isn't it kind of implied that if someone is stabbed to death it's a homicide.

        Actually thinking about it again it probably does need clarification given the stereotype

        And generally the idea is that the Kaishakunin cuts off your head, not stabs it multiple times.

    The 39-year-old pachinko president slipped and fell on his own knife multiple times in the head and the stomach. Aichi Prefecture police are calling it a tragic accident.

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