Pringles Flavored Ramen And Noodles Exist In Japan

Image: Pringles Japan

Of course they do! This month, Pringles Sour Cream and Onion flavored fried noodles and Pringles Jalapeño and Onion ramen will go on sale in Japan.

Pringles is teaming up with instant noodle maker Acecook to make this happen.

Image: Pringles Japan

If that wasn’t enough (it’s not, I guess!), chicken-bone soy sauce flavored ramen Pringles and squid fried noodle flavored Pringles will also go on sale.

All will be available for a limited time only.


    Cant be any worse than their recent "Sausage in bread" and "Chicken salt" flavours that taste nothing like each.

    Hmm. Pretty much all flavoured salt tastes like flavoured salt.

    I'd still try them though.

    Can't beat those coles brand big mac chips, they are amazeballs

    Does it taste like disappointment

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