Random Harry Potter RPG Appears [Update]

Random Harry Potter RPG Appears [Update]

It’s not known whether this is in active development, an abandoned prototype or what’s actually happening here, but over-the-shoulder footage of a cool looking Harry Potter RPG has emerged on YouTube.

The video, which is still live below, shows action from a third-person view. Players can customise their Hogwarts character and walk through what looks like a town square with a modicum of NPCs.

The video description notes that the project is supposedly set in the 19th century, starting life as a “newly arrived 5th year student”. The footage appears to be from a trailer playing on a screen — you can see the cursor throughout — but it’s not sure whether this is a real project or not.

But hot damn, have I wanted a proper Harry Potter RPG for a while. Warner Bros issued a copyright strike on the original video, but you can watch a mirror here.


Let’s all cross our fingers that this is an actual game everyone gets to play one day. If there was a franchise that deserved a proper blockbuster open-world tie-in, it’s absolutely the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Update: Eurogamer has reported that sources have confirmed the game’s legitimacy, although it’s not being developed by Rocksteady. A BBC reporter overnight also posted a couple of potential names, noting that “other Potter games are also thought to be on the way”.


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