Random Harry Potter RPG Appears [Update]

It's not known whether this is in active development, an abandoned prototype or what's actually happening here, but over-the-shoulder footage of a cool looking Harry Potter RPG has emerged on YouTube.

The video, which is still live below, shows action from a third-person view. Players can customise their Hogwarts character and walk through what looks like a town square with a modicum of NPCs.

The video description notes that the project is supposedly set in the 19th century, starting life as a "newly arrived 5th year student". The footage appears to be from a trailer playing on a screen — you can see the cursor throughout — but it's not sure whether this is a real project or not.

But hot damn, have I wanted a proper Harry Potter RPG for a while. Warner Bros issued a copyright strike on the original video, but you can watch a mirror here.

Let's all cross our fingers that this is an actual game everyone gets to play one day. If there was a franchise that deserved a proper blockbuster open-world tie-in, it's absolutely the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Update: Eurogamer has reported that sources have confirmed the game's legitimacy, although it's not being developed by Rocksteady. A BBC reporter overnight also posted a couple of potential names, noting that "other Potter games are also thought to be on the way".


    Fifth year? If I can’t start from first year and go through the sorting ceremony what is the point.

      Rumors are the player character is older and gifted at magic and is therefore starting in 5th year so you may still get your wish.

    I don’t even like Harry Potter but this looks fantastic and I would absolutely buy it.

      "I don't even like Harry Potter"

      I... I want to downvote you.

      So... much...

    Is this what Rocksteady have been up to?

      Seems to be Avalanche Software (Disney Infinity, WB owned).

        Avalanche is a good pick as well, the Disney Infinity Games were a guilty pleasure of mine

      Dude, that would be NUTS. If RS are doing a Potter game, it could break the internet...

    Looks really nice, there's too much work having gone into it for it not to be legit surely? Although you never know.

    Some of the physics interactions reminds me of the Force Unleashed, very cool!

    Has to be real. Too much money to be made here.

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