Red Dead Redemption 2 On Xbox: 88.57GB

It's not as bad as the PSA on the back of the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle, but if you're headed to the Wild West on Xbox One you're still going to need almost 90GB to get started.

A listing on the Microsoft Store has revealed the file size for RDR 2 on Microsoft's platform. While it's not in the triple figures, be warned. If you're not buying this game at retail, you'll need a good chunk of space.

On the bright side, there's not much incentive to buy digital for games like this when the retail deals are substantially better. Most major retailers are targeting the $69 mark, which is miles better than paying almost $100 for the standard edition through the Microsoft Store. Plus, you hopefully won't have to download quite so much, which is a blessing for anyone without the NBN/cable internet.


    Holy pork chops, 90 Gigglebits! I still remember people stating we'd never need the space a DVD offered, and that CD's were overkill...

    I was going through the old tech pile of shame on the weekend, and came across HDD's smaller than that which I still need to get data off. :( Only one, but still...

      I remember at high school one of my friends fathers came in for a talk about computers and such.

      He worked for IBM he gave us all these old promotional chips that were a staggering 1mb. He said they were used to show of how small they could store 1mb when they were first made.

      Even at the time it was small but still cool, there were 126mb SD cards getting around then, now there are 4tb micro SD cards then same size, in less than 20 years.

        Its crazy aint it? Caught a few minutes of an ep of QI on the weekend, where they were talking about computer games. In short, the Apollo 11 rockets worked with computers that could process 200 calculations a second, while current machines handle 20 trillion, or something like that.

        If those are the numbers (no guarantees, but its in that ballpark), computers have increase in power 100 million X in my lifetime. You have more processing power in your pocket than any ship that's ever been in space.

          Yeah, I remember people saying the ps2 had the power to launch a nuke lol

          The problem with comparing Apollo computers with modern ones is a lot of it was analogue computing and the binary computing wasn't like todays general purpose CPU's they were application specific binary computers. Built to do a task and thats it. It's a very apple and oranges situation.

            Not a problem at all, just reflective of how development has changed how computers are built. Better ways to make the machines means more computations to be done, multitasking to happen, GUI's to be standard, and so on. Its just part of that development.

            The computer doesn't care though, it just gets some code, computes it, and spits out the result. They've gone from being able to do 200 of those a second to trillions.

            Its not comparing analogue to binary, its simple looking at the capability which is a fairly standard measure. And while part of that IS down to how computers are built, but it still just boils down to how fast they compute.

            The biggest difference between that era and what we use now is that our computers aren't designed to work 100% of the time while something on a space shuttle has to be 100% unbreakable.

      Those people talking about CD's being overkill and now top executives at NBN Co.

    Praise Jeebus most of us have a form of unlimited data connection! Hopefully the pre load is a good few days prior in case of any hiccups that may occur

    Physical disks are really only worthwhile for re-sale.
    There's no way to avoid massive downloads, even when you buy a physical copy because practically every game these days has massive day-1 patches.

      Case in point.

      COD BLOPS 4 has a day 1 50GB patch no matter what edition you buy.

    And here I was giving Starlink a miss because I thought the 15GB mandatory install is obscene.

    Usually this type of amount to download bugs me, but I'll only get a chance to turn the game on by the weekend of release. So downloading 90gb doesn't bother me.

    I understand those that want to play it immediately though, or those with limited HDD space.

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