Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Spotted In The Wild

Image: Rockstar Games

Jokes aside, evidence is mounting for an actual, real-life, bona-fide PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, with the latest clue a product page on the website of "MediaMarkt", a large European retailer.

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It's no surprise that people are closely watching for any signs for Red Dead Redemption 2, what will probably be the biggest game of the year. But as the weeks and months progressed, and Red Dead didn't show up on the classification database, people started to worry.

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The page, spotted by Niels Zomer of TechTastic, is still up at the time of writing (though doesn't seem available via a direct search).

Here's a screengrab (with Google-translated text), in case it disappears.

Image: Kotaku

And the boxart.

Image: MediaMarkt

The supposed release date is December 2019, though it's hard to read into that much. We'll just have to wait for Rockstar's denial, admission or more likely, utter silence.

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[TechTastic, via VG247]


    Although I hope this is true for my pc brethren It smacks of an artificial staggering of releases cash grab by Rockstar. They probably want people to pick it up twice like they did GTAV. I am looking forward to this of course but man are these companies getting greedy. If this leak is to be believed I bet they could've released it at the same time as the consoles.

      Alternatively; a single player game risks losing sales heavily due to piracy. Whilst I'm sure 'double dipping' was factor, I can't blame them for protecting against piracy during the initial sales window.

        It is 100% double dipping or they would have officially announced the PC version was coming. The fact they didn't makes it painfully obvious.

        I cant see how smaller publishers can manage to do same day releases for single player games on both PC and Console and Rockstar can't for any reason other than greed.

          Ironic coming from a guy whose name is 'PiratePete'.

          To answer your statement however, there is two reasons.

          A: If a PC version is announced, this can simply lead pirates to waiting six months to pirate the game anyway. Not announcing it forces a decision from the pirate - which is exactly the same decision that a 'double dipper buyer' faces.

          B: Simultaneous PC releases have been almost entirely backed by trusting in Denuvo, which has had some successes (Assassins Creed was good for six months), to some dismal failures (Resident Evil VII was 5 days). Denuvo also is an additional cost, and Rockstar knows that RDR hype won't die down in six months, giving it a perfectly valid strategy.

          As a primary PC gamer, its annoying not to be treated as a first class citizen, but I get the why without resorting solely to the pitchfork.

            GTA V was the most successful piece of entertainment media of all time, I am sure they could afford the 100k for Denuvo if this was really the reason.

            PS4 piracy is also a thing at the moment simply by changing a DNS setting so I don't see why one would get it and the other wouldn't apart from double dipping.

              You sorta missed the point that as well as being a cost, Denuvo is unreliable. Furthermore, a game with RDR's stature will attract alot of talent to crack this.

              PS4 cannot be pirated over 6.0 for games, and is in no way as simple as 'changing a DNS setting' (you need a jailbroken console). Thus, no RDR pirating.

                Surely if this is such a big issue every other publisher would also hide their release dates and purposely delay PC games. Even though Denuvo has been cracked before AC Odyssey still released on PC around the same time. So did Shadow of the Tomb Raider and so will i'm sure countless more.

                If far smaller companies can release their games on day one someone like Rockstar could handle it. I'm sure they are going to make another few billion through micro transactions anyway.

                  "Rockstar knows that RDR hype won't die down in six months"

                  I really don't want to have to keep repeating myself.

                  Jesus christ, Pete. You're not getting a simultaneous release, and there are a number of perfectly valid financial reasons why that might be. Rockstar don't owe us anything, and they're not evil for wanting to be profitable. Now, hoist the mainsail and head for the open sea.

                  I agree with you, my first comment said that the only reason they were doing this was greed.

                  Looking back I don't even know how these comments got this far, everyone replying basically said they are just doing it to make more money so I guess I got carried away but if there is one thing the internet is for its taking things one step too far.

              Of all time? Jeez, the future of gaming is bleak. 1,000 years from now and they still consider GTAV the pinnacle of gaming...

        Citation needed. Not suggesting that it doesn’t have an impact, but rather suggesting that people who would pirate it wouldn’t pay for it either way.

          Pretty sure no research on the specific exists, so you are having to rely on normal marketing theory on this one. I posit that no knowledge of getting access will drive more sales than potential future access would certainly drive sales, regardless of whether you were going to pirate or not.

          By the same argument, no knowledge of whether you are going to be able to pirate it should drive higher sales as well.

            Despite this there’s plenty of games that are Multiplatform same day releases and sell commercially successful quantities on PC - despite piracy. The people who pirate may or may not have intended to buy the game regardless. This sort of argument, along with the “every pirated copy = 1 lost sale” argument, has no clear factual basis.

            I don’t necessarily think that they’re double dipping with RDR2, more likely they have work to do before a PC release, but I also don’t see any real affect on piracy by delaying it (and not announcing it). It’s not possible to really know that because there’s not much point of comparison (except the AC series I guess).

              I guess the crux of it is there would be a higher number than 0 people who would have pirated it on PC that will now instead buy it to play it.

              Whilst that number probably isn't high, itd certainly be higher than no one.

              As for Assassins Creed and others, I don't think they compare, simply because the uniqueness of Rockstar properties and how long between releases they are.

                How do you know that? And what difference does it actually make in practical terms? What if they then go on to pirate it on PC anyway? How many will instead just wait for the suspected PC release? How many simply wouldn’t have played it if it remained a console exclusive?

                It’s all pointless speculation that the industry likes to indulge in while ignoring that fair pricing and better access encourages people not to pirate the game. There’s never going to be zero piracy on open platforms like the PC. Any attempt to combat that by simply not releasing products is pissing away the profit from the majority who would buy it. It’s a silly way to do business.

                  I have a better example for you - Game of Thrones, if the only way to get it was thru Foxtel, would more people buy Foxtel? Almost certainly. Even if there were rumours you could get it free after six months.

                  ANyway, this convo is done, its not going anywhere. I'm out.

    Of course a PC version is coming. It'll be 4-6 months after the console release, so they can try and trick people into buying it twice.

    Definitely a double-dip approach. I don’t mind waiting. Got enough on the pile to get through for another 30 years

      Same. It's getting ridiculous. I complain about open world games, but I keep buying them!

        I’ve got three more Yakuza games, Fist of the North Star and DQ11 still before I move on haha.

          I started playing Assasin's Creed Origins today. Had a look at the map and my heart just sank. I don't think I can do it.

            My friend offered to lend it to me. My sad eyes conveyed my answer haha

              I played for about an hr and just noped hard. It looks great, but I don't have it in me. Just too much to do, too many chores, too many regions.

              I haven't played an Assasin's creed properly since Assassin's Creed 2 and I think I'm OK with that.

    Plus they got crazy money from gtav on pc. Still in steam top 10 seller every month.

      As if they wouldnt want that. That's why rdr2 was always coming to pc.

    yeah i did a digging and it seems that the reason why RDR never came to the PC is because the code was a fucking trainwreck and Rockstar was suprised they manged to get it to be so stable on the 360 and PS3. where with this generation of consoles are mostly just medium spec PCs so its much simpler to produce.

    This is also the reason why RDR hasnt been released for the PS4 and Xbone

    I expected a PC release tbh. There is too much money at stake to not do that.
    Like someone else said, releasing on PC at the same time as consoles is crazy because of piracy on PC which will have a massive impact on initial sales windows. Sad but true - a release this big will be pirated a significant amount.
    But hey, perhaps they are also double dipping but it’s a moot point.
    If a certain slice of the consumers are going to steal the game and act like entitled babies, then staggering the release dates is entirely understandable.

      I would buy that as the reason if they had announced the PC version at the same time as the console version and just said its coming later like a few other big games have done.

      Instead they purposely keep people in the dark until after the game is out to try and get people to double dip.

      All of this is before you consider that most major companies try to release on PC at the same time as console even if they are a purely single player experience. Big delays for the PC release are no longer the norm.

      releasing on PC at the same time as consoles is crazy because of piracy on PC which will have a massive impact on initial sales windows.

      Citation Needed.

    all these people saying its not double dipping, its just to stop the pirates on pc. ive pirated a heap of games in the past even though my steam library is 300+ strong. but its not piracy that would make me not want to buy this game. its the fact its a 2nd (technically 3rd right?) game in a series and will potentially be the first to be put on pc. im not buying a console to play the past games, release them all on pc in the first place and then id probably be a big fan by now wanting to buy this one. as it stands, im not a fan, never played it, ill prob pirate it.

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