Red Dead Redemption 2 Used Over 700 Voice Actors

Red Dead Redemption 2 Used Over 700 Voice Actors
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For another indication of how vast the scope of Red Dead Redemption 2 is, here’s a neat little fact.

In a mammoth interview with Vulture, Rockstar’s head writer Dan Houser provided more details about the inner workings on Rockstar’s upcoming Western. It’s fascinating and well worth the full read, but there’s one nugget in particular that people might appreciate more when you get hands on with the game.

As has been the case for previous Rockstar titles – GTA V, the original Red Dead and GTA IV – the script is massive. Around 2000 pages for the main story. That naturally required a metric ton of motion capture work.

How much work? 2200 days worth, with the motion capture work beginning five years ago.

“Bringing the script to life meant 2,200 days of motion-capture work — compared with just five for Grand Theft Auto III — requiring 1,200 actors, all SAG-AFTRA, 700 of them with dialogue. “We’re the biggest employers of actors in terms of numbers of anyone in New York, by miles,” says Dan.

Before a motion-capture shoot that would last two or three weeks, there were meetings “four hours each day for four days. We want it as tight as possible for motion-capture because we’re burning a lot of money very quickly [at those sessions].”

That’s genuinely insane. It makes you wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars Take-Two spent on RDR2, and it will comfortably be in the hundreds of millions when you consider the cost of marketing too.

The interview touches on a lot of other interesting points. Houser, for one, believes gamers will appreciate the empowerment of women this time around and the representation of the early women’s suffrage movement. He briefly lifted the lid on Rockstar’s track record with crunch, noting that the studio was “working 100 hour weeks” several times this year. And one of Morgan’s love interests was also scrapped from the story because “one of them didn’t work”.

It’s worth noting that the motion capture efforts haven’t stopped, either. The studio is still writing and recording scenes for RDR Online, which is due to launch in November. “We want it to be as robust as Grand Theft Auto Online, once it’s found its feet creatively,” Houser said of RDR2‘s online mode.

It’s a cracking piece on the game, so go read it in full. And in case you’ve forgotten, we’re just under a fortnight away: Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on Xbox and PS4 on October 26. (And you might want to get it at retail.)

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  • “He briefly lifted the lid on Rockstar’s track record with crunch, noting that the studio was “working 100 hour weeks” several times this year.”

    Is it me or is that not really a good thing to brag about? I feel for those workers…

    • It’s not a good thing, but it’s often unavoidable. ‘Several times a year’ doesn’t sound nearly as bad as some places I’ve worked, either.

      • Yeah, thats a pretty important identifier, aint it? Where I work is open 15 hours a day but that doesnt mean people work that long. Nobody works more than 8 hours on average, so the 15 hour thing is deceptive.

        I can easily see a studio hiring extra staff during crunch time and extending its operating hours.

        • The verge have an update. Apparently he was referring to senior creatives who’ve all been in it fir 12 years. Not the full team. Hopefully that’s true. Pretty normal for anyone’s in that space really.

        • Apparently he was referring to his writing team specifically

          “100-hour work weeks sentiment was explicitly about his writing team, which included himself, Mike Unsworth, Rupert Humphries, and Lazlow Jones.”

          Still a big week for those poor guys haha

          • It’s kind of an expectation at a certain level(not saying its correct). I’ve done it many times in the past. Thats why you are paid a salary as opposed to a wage. It also means I can be the one who roles up late and vanishes early when things allow it. Swings and roundabouts usually.
            Problems arise when you ask juniors – mid weights to do so. I don’t think I ever hit 100 though. I hit 92 a couple of times and that was balls.

          • Ouch yeah I did 80 on occasion an apprentice but was paid hourly. Mind you the taxman made the last 10 or so hours basically working for free :-/

  • Bottom line. Gaming is THE next entertainment medium for the masses. Not just for gamers, but everyone. Follow the money line. Those numbers are just crazy insane… can’t wait for the release.

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