Red Dead Redemption 2's Download Time, Goodness

Screenshot: Rockstar

Did you get Red Dead Redemption 2? Did you go to a store and buy a physical copy or, uh, get the digital one? My download is taking a while.

I bought the digital version because I enjoy waiting around. And like a dope, I didn't start my download at the crack of dawn. So after only two hours, I'm around 30GB in with, gasp, a bit more to go.

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

If you got the digital, how's your download going?


    They are talking also about the physical release in the tweets. It took me nearly two hours to install the game from the discs.

      Yeah, for some reason it only installed at 15-20MB/sec. What kind of slow-arse disc install speed is that.

        It's more than likely slow due to data compression. It has to first uncompress the data and then install it on your console. Uncomrpessing data uses a lot of resources resulting in the slow install.

          I considered that, but it still seems odd. PS4 Bluray discs hold 50GB of data and the final size on hard drive is 99GB, so they shouldn't have needed much compression, if any.

          The blu ray disc maxes out at around 27MB/s on the outer ring, and like all disc based storage solutions it get slower speeds when you reach the inner ring.
          Compression techniques are only usually slow when compressing, decompressing is usually always much faster. The PS4 has plenty of CPU power to not be a limiting factor on decompressing data from a blu ray disc.

            27MB/s is the guaranteed speed for a x6 drive, which for the PS4's unusual CAV drive (constant angular velocity) means it must support that on the innermost track. However, what you said about 'all disc-based storage' is mistaken, almost all disc systems use constant linear velocity (CLV) instead, which maintains the same read speed across the whole disc by varying the speed of the motor.

    Little over 2 hours to download the whole thing. Quite happy with that.

    love whinging about a slow download when you also include that you downloaded 30gb in 2 hours. that's far from slow. try taking a solid 24 hours to only get 70% through the ~54gb download of forza horizon 3.

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